Spring 2018

Hello Friends of YEP! 

Thank you for taking the time to read about YEP's current status! Youth Engaged in Philanthropy has been busy with the annual grant cycle and a variety of different projects. The 2017-2018 grant cycle had a total of 19 grant proposals totaling over $51,000. 

At the November meeting, YEP faced the challenge of deciding how to split the anonymous donation of $10,000 among the organizations. After much discussion and voting, the group of high school students decided to award seven grants which are estimated to impact 2,500 youth during the year (based on submitted grant applications). 

The seven organizations awarded included:
  • 100 Black Men of Central Illinois ($500) for elementary summer school scholarships
  • Children Protection Network ($1,000) for permanency bags for youth in foster care
  • Fostering Dignity ($1,000) for backpacks for youth in foster care
  • Illinois Heart & Lung ($500) for 
    refurbished iPads at the "Attack Asthma Camp"
  • Max's Miles ($1,000) for "The Harmony Park Project"
  • Muscular Dystrophy Association ($2,000) for scholarships to their summer camp
  • Regional Alternative School ($4,000) for an AED machine and hygiene kits
YEP genuinely enjoyed learning about all of these nonprofit organizations and their goals to help local youth! 

Once the award decisions were made, a Celebration Committee planned the 2018 YEP Grant Celebration. This year the ceremony was at University Galleries on February 11 and consisted of lots of fun and food! The YEP members got to introduce themselves to receiving organizations and other guests from Illinois Prairie Community
Foundation. The Video Committee showcased the first-ever YEP promotional video and graduating seniors were given the opportunity to talk about their experience in YEP to the audience. 

Several committees have been working on their own projects as well. As stated earlier, the Video Committee finished the YEP promotional video and they are excited to use it as an advertisement for the group! The Needs Assessment Committee created a needs assessment to survey local high school students about needs facing youth in our community. YEP members are starting to ask local high schools for permission to conduct the needs assessment. The Social Media Committee has been posting frequently on YEP's Facebook page and made a goal to add more information about YEP on the website for next year. In order to achieve the goal of building YEP's endowment, an Ask Committee was recently developed. This committee worked hard to provide an ask toolkit for each member to go along with the two ask workshops that YEP members participated in. The toolkit and workshops definitely helped members feel more prepared for asks! 

While YEP is grateful for the anonymous donor who has funded YEP for the past five years, YEP wants to ensure its sustainability in the future by building its endowment fund. The goal is to raise $5,000 by May 18, 2018 with YEP members as the first donors to the fund. YEP is committed to achieving this goal! Members plan to go on asks so they are able to share their goals and experiences with others. YEP designated March 18 through May 18 as the two months to accept donations. Donations can be submitted through the YEP website or mailed as a check written to Illinois Prairie Community Foundation with YEP in the memo. YEP is motivated to grow its endowment so future members can learn about community needs, philanthropy, and gain important life skills. If you or someone you know is interested in donating to YEP and would like to meet with a group of YEP members, please contact us at ipcfyep@gmail.com to schedule an appointment. 

Justin Bean and Sarah Leddick
While the 2017-2018 YEP year is coming to an end, the 2018-2019 YEP year is about to begin! The 2018-2019 YEP membership application is now LIVE! All applications must be submitted by April 23, 2018 at 11:59 p.m. CST. The group looks forward to meeting the new YEP cohort! However, they will also miss the graduating seniors from the 2017-2018 cohort. This year's seniors include Justin Bean, Sarah Leddick, Anaiah Simmons, Cheyenne Petersen, Bhavana Ravala, Claire Crabill and Abbey Nettleton. Justin has been in YEP for five years and Sarah has been in YEP for four years. Anaiah,  Cheyenne and Bhavana have been in YEP for two years. Claire and Abbey have been in YEP for one year. No matter how much experience a senior had in YEP, they were able to gain  leadership and teamwork skills and learn more about the community. All of them will be missed and we wish them the best of luck for their next step after high school! 

As you can see, we have been very busy and are still working towards our goals! If you wish to help us with our endowment, we are thankful for your donations. Even a "like" on our Facebook page helps support us. Everyone in YEP is grateful for your continued support! 

With thanks, 

Cheyenne Petersen
Youth Engaged in Philanthropy Member
Illinois Prairie Community Foundation
309-662-4477 | mevans@ilprairiecf.org | www.ilprairiecf.org