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Swallow the Anchor

Swallow the Anchor is a podcast for yachties.

In each episode, we speak with someone either in the business or who has just left it. We talk about their experiences, what they've learned in yachting and what they plan for their life after yachting.

Check out episode 4 below and hear how yacht chef Sulet Joubert saw a market for better and more stylish chef's clothing.

You can also listen and subscribe to the show on Soundcloud: Swallow the Anchor 4: One Jacket at a Time .

Some of Sulet's Designs. Available at
Yachting Anomalies

Your Bad Day at the Office is No Laughing Matter

It's easy to snigger. A boat drives into a wharf. Two yachts collide.  Sure, sometimes it's funny. But does anyone realise just how easily and quickly a situation can turn bad at sea or in port?

Does anyone really understand how hard your job actually is? That you do it in one of the world's most demanding environments?

Most people have a bad day at the office and shrug it off. You aren't so lucky. A bad day at the office can mean a scratch on the hull. Or it can mean serious damage to the boat or (even worse) one of your crew mates.

When we saw this compilation by The Sea Lad, we were struck by how many times the crew put themselves at risk to protect their yacht. And by the fact that they often weren't to blame for what was happening.

Viewed from that perspective, this video isn't so much entertaining as it is instructional. Yachting is hard. And yacht crew do a difficult job well, regardless of a tiny number of incidents that suggest otherwise.

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Be a Pig

Here's a taster of something we're beta testing at the moment. A ridiculously easy way for you to build up a bundle of cash without having to jump through endless hoops.

The video tells you all you need to know:

Merry Christmas & Best Wishes for 2017

2016 is almost done. Was it a good year for you? We hope so.

From all of us here at Yachting Financial Solutions, Merry Christmas and best wishes for a smooth transition into the new year. We hope 2017 brings you closer to your dreams.

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