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Swallow the Anchor: GoPros and Beer

Swallow the Anchor is a podcast for yachties.

In each episode, you'll hear from someone who's still in the business or has just left it. They talk about their experiences, what they've learned in yachting and what they plan for their life after yachting.

In this episode, a former stew talks about how she left yachting with enough money to build the life she wants. She speaks her mind. Can you handle the truth? (Of course you can.)

You can also listen and subscribe to the show on Soundcloud: Swallow the Anchor 3: GoPros and Beer .

Yachting Anomalies

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Meet... Helen Bilton, YFSOL Client Services Manager, Antibes

In a nutshell...
I love helping people and giving them the feeling of liberation that comes with having their plans for the future in place. It's in my nature to help and guide where possible. Being a descendant of Emily Davidson I was instilled from a very young age with great values of equality and the understanding that with hard work you can achieve your goals.

My life in yachting...
I've worked in yachting for most of my professional life.

Starting out as stewardess and moving up to head housekeeper. Before coming ashore and working with a couple of yacht brokers. I dropped out of the industry for a short while and worked in marketing and financial services. But the call of yachting was too strong to resist, so I went back onboard a yacht. The sea gets into your soul, even if want to resist it. Eventually, I found a new home ashore with Yachting Financial Solutions. The perfect place to use all my experience and talents.

The best thing about my job is meeting new people in yachting and helping them become financially savvy. I'm still around yachts and I still get to go to sea now and then to rejuvenate.

My best experience in yachting...
Where do I start? Crossing the Atlantic. Sailing through the Bermuda Triangle-and not vanishing. Going up the World Trade Centre and drinking strawberry daiquiris in the cocktail bar after work in North Cove Marina. Watching the sunset at Shirley Heights in Antigua. Doing Antigua Race week. My first entrance into Port Hercules in Monaco in the evening (when it was just a horseshoe shape) and seeing all the lights on the hillsides. It was just so romantic. Having dinner in Portofino on the quayside. Watching the fireworks in Monaco for the first time. Being on the foredeck in St Tropez in the early evening and watching all the yachts mooring up. Learning to Scuba dive in the Caribbean.

Outside of yachting...
My twin passions are skiing and gardening-still experimenting with my chilies. I also like yoga and walking. I recently took up aqua biking-amazing.

My advice...
Be patient. Things can change in a matter of minutes, never mind hours, when you're onboard, not just with guests but the weather, etc. So learn to tolerate change.

And always listen. There is a saying I heard the other day, "To talk is a need, to listen is an art".

I can't stand...
Racism and sexual discrimination. Hardly surprising, given my family tree. I see things improving a bit in yachting in that regard, but think there is still a problem with women in senior positions in the yachting industry, especially at a senior level.

If money were no object...
I'd buy a 65-ft Squadron Fairline, or other vessel, with all the added extras and sail around the Mediterranean. Then I'd have it delivered to other places to explore. For the Arctic and Antarctic, I'd charter a big explorer yacht-and get some skiing in.

Yachting Anomalies

Wave Power

Because you're on the inside, we want you to know first what we're up to. 

For the past six months, we've been working on a new way for you to grow your money. Simple, accessible and fully automated: Waves. It's coming out of beta very soon.

Short version: Waves is a simple and quick online investment plan for yacht crew. It gives crew unprecedented access to reputable and robust investment funds. And it is built on 21st-century investment thinking, rather than pre-2008 investment principles.

Clive and Phil recorded a chat they had about the thinking that underpins Waves and why it is such a powerful investment machine for yacht crew. Hit the play button and learn how you can benefit from its unique power:

The Power of Waves

2017: the Year of You

Make this year the year of you. A year you can look back on and know that you did something to benefit you for the rest of your life.

That's really what we do. Forget the money. People don't thank us for the one or two million we help them make. They thank us for the freedom we helped them achieve.

That's what we wish for you in 2017.

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