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 Welcome, friend. This is the place for you: on the inside.

YFSOL's Insider Briefing is created especially to benefit you. It's full of information to help you have a great career in yachting---and an even greater one afterwards.

And we wouldn't be much of an insider's club if there weren't something especially valuable in here, would we? That's why you'll find an item about how your boss makes their money---and how you can copy them.

So, turn what's inside into something that profits you. Make 2017 the year of you.

The YFSOL Team

Swallow the Anchor 5: Wave Your Ship In

Swallow the Anchor is a podcast for yachties. It's designed to help you get the most out of your career in yachting.

In this episode, you'll hear our very own Clive and Teresa speak openly and frankly about yachting and how you can make the most of your opportunity to build your dream life.

You'll hear about the Crew Business Lounge in Antibes, a venue open to all yacht crew. You don't need to be a member.

You'll also hear about a new simple, automated online investment machine that will help your money grow with minimal effort on your part: Waves.

You can also listen and subscribe to the show on Soundcloud: Swallow the Anchor 5: Wave Your Ship In

Yachting Anomalies

Meet... Phil Clarke, Research & Development Director

In a nutshell...
The best thing about my job is dealing with people who are facing different issues, positive and negative, and finding a solution or the best way forward. 
Research and problem solving are what make me tick. How do we get X, Y or Z? 

That gives me a buzz.

My life in financial services...
My introduction into financial services was pretty accidental. I studied management at college and ended up on the Isle of Man. The financial sector is the main industry there, so inevitably I ended up being drawn in. Initially in marketing, but eventually, after getting my professional qualifications, I started working in external sales positions, introducing financial products to independent financial advisors (IFAs).

Eventually, I was seen as a cost rather than as a wealth of experience. You know how it is.

So I was booted out. It worked out, though. I was asked to develop financial products for an Asian company that wanted to break into Europe. They were good products suited to a highly regulated environment. But the Asian company didn't see the rewards as being high enough, so they pulled out. That was all right by me. I'd effectively written my own new company. So I went out on my own, creating products that I believe have integrity and are the best solution.

My favourite place...
Let's be clear that Yorkshire is the best place on Earth. North Yorkshire even more so.

Outside of that, I do like France. The food, the wine, the nature-it's spectacular.

The best thing I ever did...
I learned to scuba dive because my son wanted to. I'm not a swimmer and I will avoid the water if I can. My idea of hell is a small boat on a big sea. But I was curious. Could I do it? Was I up to the challenge? I was over the moon when I did it. Mind you, it was a one-off. I won't be doing it again.

My advice...
Be as honest as you can with everyone. Be honest, or walk away.

I can't stand...
Breach of trust.

There has to be trust in everything. In business. In relationships. In friendships. If you break my trust once, it's once too many.

If money were no object...
I'd travel down Route 66 on a Harley or a classic 1950's fintail car. The route is living history. It has a sense of time about it, a sense of era. There's poignancy. People traveled it from hard times to success. But it's also a symbol of how the world has moved on. Officially, it doesn't exist anymore. I think driving or riding it now would be an experience between what is real and what is fantasy.

Thought for You

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Valuable Insider Info: How Your Boss Pays for All of That

Your boss is a clever person. They must be. They have a superyacht, for goodness' sake. And you know how expensive they are in the upkeep. So, where does a clever person like your boss get the money from to keep their yacht running?

Partly, it'll come from venture capital investments. Money put into start ups your boss and/or their advisers like the look of. Investments that promise high returns... if they come off. That's the nature of venture capital. Either the investment pays out handsomely or you lose your investment. It's binary. 1 or 0. No in between.

That's why your boss invests in a portfolio of venture capital. They know the losses will be made good by the wins, which can be very profitable indeed. Sometimes spectacularly so.

Want some insider info?

Most yachties can't get into venture capital. Typically, you have to stump up hundreds of thousands to get in the door. That's too much money and too much risk.

But what if there were a true insider's way into venture capital for regular crew, allowing them to invest in affordable chunks of a promising start up? That would be good, wouldn't it?

UK-based Harwell Capital does exactly that. They find rising tech companies and organise venture capital funding rounds made up of £25,000 stakes. They aim to get their money out within 5 years with high returns. Their track record is excellent.

Here are some of the investments on the Harwell books at the moment:

Genesis Technical Systems has tech that can use old, existing copper wire telephone lines to deliver super-fast broadband of up to 400 Mbps. The company is now doing field trials (it's past the lab trials stage) with 3 big telecoms carriers in the US. A big step towards unlocking the US market and hundreds of millions of dollars in annual revenue.

Speak, an innovative tech company that unlocks hitherto unused capabilities of your smartphone, has just been asked by Brightstar (the global leader for mobile services) for a worldwide contract rather than just one for the UK. A sign of promise? You bet.

Scredible, which has proprietary artificial intelligence tech for the online education sector, signed new agreements in February with American Express (Amex) and Canon, for a combined value of £225,000 per annum. Negotiations 
with HSBC and Old Mutual are also at an advanced stage, meaning Scredible is already exceeding projection targets.

Muso has tech that protects against online piracy. This month they signed a significant new contract initially valued at €277,100 per annum, to provide content protection and audience data analytics services to FIEG (The Italian Federation of Newspaper and Periodical Publishers). This partnership has already opened a door to a larger Italian organisation AIE, who are currently trialling the platform.

Each of these Harwell investments has the potential to pay out big. Or fall flat on its face. But doesn't just reading about the potential get your heart beating?

Here's the really useful thing for you to know. We're on the inside with Harwell. They're our partners. That means that if you want to be on the inside (if you want to invest in the kind of thing your boss does), we can get you in. We can help you build your own venture capital portfolio.

Is this something you'd like to talk about? Maybe have a look at the next Harwell that comes along? Let us know. We'll talk you through these investments. And make sure they are right for you. We can get you in, but it's not necessarily where you need to be. Let's find out, though:

Waves: A Simple, Automated, Online Investment Machine to Get Your Money Working for You

We recently launched Waves, a  straightforward and transparent means of investing.

It's aimed at yacht crew who don't want a tailor-made financial plan. Instead, Waves allows you to pay regular monthly contributions into a basket of funds, including successful funds managed by the Rothschild family and Ruffer, two of the biggest names in international investment.

You can sign up for Waves online anytime and from anywhere in the world.

Pay Yourself First

We have a rule at YFSOL: pay yourself first. By that we mean, set something aside for you, every month. You can spend the rest and put it in other people's pockets. But at least you'll have put some in your own pocket first, where it will stay and grow until you want to use it to change your life. 

Pay yourself first in 2017.

(Rupert, of course, takes the opposite view and requires his share first.)

Clive, Teresa, Phil, Roger, Helen, Jojo, Shelley, Heather & Rupert (right)

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