August 25, 2020

Hey YGT Family!

Did you see our new YGT Instagram? We're thrilled to keep connecting and sharing.

This week, we're looking at tips from Dr. Vivek Murthy's recent work on loneliness.The pandemic is exacerbating the already common problem of loneliness, which is harmful to mental and physical health. Loneliness can manifest as irritability or secluding ourselves, and look like depression, sadness or anxiety. Isolation can be damaging but connection is a powerful healer.

Good news! We can do small things to make a big difference in how connected we feel.

  1. Focus on Consistency of time with others - 15+ mins. a day (video, in person, even texting!) regularly will build a powerful lifeline to the outside world.
  2. Focus on Quality of time with others - eliminate distractions and be fully present with others- focused, listening, sharing. (phone down, TV off!)
  3. Service as an antidote - reaching out to help those in need enables us to connect with others AND reminds us of our value and purpose in life.
  4. Solitude as a solution - Solitude= time spent alone that's joyful, peaceful, and replenishing. Allowing yourself time to re-center enables you to show up as your best self. Centering moments can be as simple as a few mins. each day: sit on your porch, take a walk, meditate, or close your eyes and name 3 things you're grateful for. Connecting with others starts with connecting to yourself!

We can create a better tomorrow by showing up for each other now, knowing that's the foundation for greater health and fulfillment. Long story short: Call ya mama n 'em!
Hurricane Prep: 2020 Guide | Pet Safety
If you or a loved one are in distress or experiencing a crisis, call:
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (Available 24/7)
Call 1-800-273-8255 | Chat online at
Metropolitan Human Services District (Local New Orleans- Available 24/7)
Call (504) 826-2675
LA Dept. of Health's “Keep Calm Through COVID” hotline: (866) 310-7977
Domestic Violence Resources:
National:1-800-799-SAFE (7233) or
Louisiana: New Orleans Family Justice Center (504-866-9554), Metro Center for Women and Children (504-837-5400) or the State Hotline (1-888-411-1333).
TONIGHT @ 6:30 PM! Waterseed live on Staying In Tune
NOMC & Sound Mind present Water Seed on 'Staying In Tune' streaming live at 6:30pm ET/5:30pm CST. We're excited to collaborate on this Instagram Live series where artists open up about mental health and wellness, converse with Mike Joseph and answer questions.

~ Self-Care Opportunities ~
Testing 1-2-3
The NOMC and CORE partner to provide FREE COVID-19 testing for artists and culture bearers the first Friday of each month.
Give Back to Feel Good
Volunteering has been proven to benefit mental health! Find purpose and give back to your community by helping provide food resources to those in need with Culture Aid NOLA
Check Your Health Coverage
Contact Us If You Need Assistance
Having health coverage can bring peace of mind during this pandemic. Take time to see if you qualify for Medicaid or to re-enroll* to make sure your coverage doesn't lapse.
*Medicaid coverage must be renewed every year!
NAMI Virtual Support Groups
Wednesdays | 2:00- 3:30 PM
NAMI New Orleans hosts online support groups on Zoom, open to any adult living with mental illness. NAMI connection is a free and confidential support group led by trained facilitators that offers respect, understanding, encouragement and hope.
Backline Support Groups
Come Together: COVID-19 Crisis
Online support groups for music industry professionals that aim to address the anxieties associated with COVID-19’s effects on the music industry, provide information and resources, and support each other during this difficult time. At the end of the meeting, Dr. Newman will lead a group meditation.
#GetYaMindRight Virtual Support Line
Mon. Wed. & Fri. | 10:15 AM

MHSD's chat line will now be available to the general public on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays and will be led by IWES mental health professionals. The goal of this initiative is to assist people with anxiety and concerns by sharing healthy coping skills and techniques.
Jai Bhakti Yoga Online Classes
Yoga classes with inspirational message, FREE for everyone and all levels welcome.
Daily at 8am on Facebook live, (@jaibhaktiyogafoundation), Wednesdays at 6pm on IGTV (@jaibhaktiyoga), and a range of free videos on their YouTube channel.
Sistahs Making A Change Online
Weekly dance and wellness every Monday (Sip & Share) and Thursday (Movement Classes) hosted by Ashe Cultural Center. Email to join.
Jennie Morton
Online Resources
Jennie, an NOMC partner via PAMA, focuses on the physical manifestations of emotional issues. Her site offers services as well as a free educational journal.
COVID-19 Situational Risk Calculator
A tool to help you think more clearly about whether or not to attend an in-person event.
Sound Mind Stress Reduction Playlist
Sound Mind, an amazing organization amplifying voices in the music industry around mental health awareness, created a playlist on Spotify to help you de-stress!
Sit back, relax and heal yourself with music.
Creative Mornings/New Orleans
A free monthly breakfast lecture series for the creative community and a space to spark connections through a celebration of our city's creative voices. Everyone is welcome. Free events hosted on the final Friday of the month & includes a 20-minute talk from a local creative.
The New Orleans Theatre Association supports local cultural programming through grants to established and emerging arts organizations and educational institutions. NOTA has provided funding for the NOMC to support its efforts to offer mental health services to the local creative community.