To My Dear Friends and Mispallelim,

It is now over four weeks since we had the privilege of gathering together in our beautiful Shul for Davening and Learning. We are left to Daven and Learn at home. This potentially could bring out a clearer understanding of the gift of Teffilah, and because of the confinement lead to more quality time for Torah study. However, I am certain that we miss the personal connection of Davening and Learning with the other members and friends of YIBE. We hope that soon we will be able to greet each other personally and renew our connection with our Shul.

Despite the distancing we are currently experiencing, we are offering a number of Shiurim online that you are invited to participate in. This week, beginning tonight Sunday night at 7:45pm , I will be teaching Pirkei Avos through a zoom connection over the web. The advantage of joining the Shiur through zoom is that you can see and participate in the Shiur. Zoom is interactive and live. Please go to our website at  and click on the links on our home page to get you into the Shiurim.

IY"H Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Thursday nights at 7:45pm we will be learning the weekly Perek. On Sunday and Monday night of this week we will be learning Perek One, Mishna Six. On Wednesday and Thursday night we will learn from Perek Two.

´╗┐Following the Perek class will be a class in Mishnayos, which will be followed by a class in Halacha. We are currently learning Mishnayos Kelim and Hilchos Sefira. The sources for these Shiurim will be displayed on the Zoom page. Tuesday Night is the continuation of the Yitzchok Dov Rottenstein Shiur, our in depth Gemorah class in Masechta Makkos.

The Daf Yomi is learned each weekday morning at 7:30 am . The Zoom link is also on our home page. Please feel free to tell others of these Shiurim. All are welcome. 

If you know of someone who would like to join the Shiurim but they do not have access to a computer or smart phone, they can join via telephone.

The numbers to call are:
  • For the nightly Shiur: 929-205-6099. When prompted the meeting ID is 870685158. 
  • For the Daf Yomi at 7:30am: 929-205-6099. The meeting ID is 569435268.
We have other recorded Shiurim available on our website as well.

The Shul continues to need your support during this Pandemic. There was no Yizkor appeal and no regular donations coming in for over a month. Your donations and Membership are greatly appreciated. You may redeem your Yizkor pledges at . One of the disadvantages of not being in Shul is that we miss the daily giving of Tzedakah. On our website is a place for you to give - we have up a pushka at .
We all hope and Daven that this plague ends soon, and we can return with gratitude to Hashem to our Bais Mikdash Me"At.

My very best wishes for good health and Simcha for you and your loved ones.
Rabbi Moshe Snow