Yiddish at the MET  !!!  
(ropolitan Room)


Congress for Jewish Culture
benefitting the Congress for Jewish Culture
and the Sholem Aleichem Foundation
Dear Friend of the Congress for Jewish Culture,

Join us as we step back in time a hundred years to 1912 (or thereabouts) for a unique night of vintage Yiddish vaudeville at New York's neatest night club, the storied Metropolitan Room.


Be among the first to storm out in indignation at the hottest, dirtiest, most low-down mixed-up meshugener evening on stage since Nelly Cassman, o"h, last shook her tatas for a crowd of octogenarians down in Boca, causing the late Morris Goldstone to call for an unheard of second glass of Brioschi ... the boys at Dubrow's will turn Kelly green with envy! 


More ballyhoo here, in The Jewish Week!


Among those appearing in this star-infested extravaganza:


Bob Greenberg, the Coney Island Comedy phenomenon, as Moishe Pipik;
               as the Yiddish Shylock, the deluded tragedian Mr. David Mandelbaum;
our saucy soubrette Daniella Rabbani sings songs that mama never taught you
                and the roshe mit di vontses Allen Lewis Rickman
                                                      will mutshe our prima donna Yelena Shmulenson
while you sway to the sounds of society songbird Miryem-Khaye Seigel

and, at the helm, Lt. Col. Shane Bertram Baker himself, the hayseed Yiddishist!


accompanied by Steve Sterner, Michael Winograd, Patty Farrell, and Matt Temkin


***  Filial guilt!   ***   Fokhn***  40 ways to say imbecile!  ***  
***  Laughs!  ***  Tears!  ***  Uxoricide!  ***  Esn!  ***


Congress for Jewish Culture
The Details

Benefitting the Congress for Jewish Culture
and the Sholem Aleichem Foundation.

Wednesday, August 8th at 9:30 PM
The Metropolitan Room
34 West 22nd, between 5/6 Aves.

Tickets are $50 + two drink minimum
Premium seats $500
Reply to this email to reserve, or follow this link.

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