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YIG technology is the most effective solution to a variety of RF and microwave frequency generation and filtering challenges — especially when the absolute lowest phase noise and multi-octave tuning is required. 

Micro Lambda Wireless have dedicated themselves to the art of YIG-tuned designs and perfecting the science of manipulating YIG behaviour.
MLVG Series
Micro Lamda MLVG
The MLVG-Series Permanent Magnet YIG-Tuned Oscillators are signal sources covering the frequency range of 6-21 GHz (6-18GHz, 8-20GHz, 10-21GHz). They are available in any customer selected 12 GHz tuning bandwidth (±6 GHz).

These oscillators have been specifically designed with the latest permanent magnet tech-nology to yield excellent performance over temperature and environmental conditions. The units are available in a standard 1.25 " x 1.25 " x.60" configuration with a field re-placeable RF connector and weigh just two ounces.


  • 6-21 GHz Frequency Coverage
  • 12 GHz Tuning Bandwidth
  • FM/Phase-Lock Port
  • Miniature Size
  • High Reliability
  • Low Power Consumption: No Heater Required
Micro Lamda ML5G
The ML5G-Series of frequency synthesizers have been designed specifically for the next generation of 5G test systems. 

With better than -50 dBc integrated phase noise over 2 kHz to 50 MHz offset frequencies at 18-20 GHz, this series of synthesizers are perfect for multiplying to the new millimeter wave bands designated for 5G. Excellent Error Vector Magnitude (EVM) performance can be obtained using this series of synthesizers. 

Three bands are available covering 6 to 18 GHz, 8 to 20 GHz and 10 to 21 GHz. +13 dBm power levels are provided. The units are 5” x 3” x 1” high and fit a 2 slot PXI chassis.


  • Superior Integrated Phase Noise (2kHz - 50 MHz)
  • 1 kHz Step Size
  • External Reference 1-200 MHz (Optional)
  • Excellent Error Vector Magnitude (EVM Performance)
  • 5 Line Serial & USB Control

The following options are available for the ML5G series:

  • Option A: External Reference / No Internal Reference
  • Option B: Internal Reference / External Reference
  • Option C: Internal Reference / No External Reference
  • Option D: RF Connectors Front
  • Option E: RF Connectors Side
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