June 19, 2019


At Jungle Friends the monkeys happiness and safety is our primary mission. When severe weather hits, we face challenges protecting our monkey friends from the physical and psychological effects of frightening storms.

What do we do when we encounter extreme weather like tropical storms and hurricanes? While 200 monkeys have access to indoor buildings, the remaining 100+ need to be moved to safe quarters in a building. 

When a hurricane is predicted, carestaff are busy preparing for the monkey's safety. T hey work tirelessly to move the monkeys into  cages, and then the cages into buildings on the property in whatever space we can find!  

In the past, we have housed the monkeys at The Bob Barker Medical Clinic, the Van Clan Conference Center, the office and even in the houses of carestaff on site! While these buildings are safe and secure, they are not intended for this use, and pose significant challenges. 

Carestaff stay at the sanctuary during the terrifying storm, sometimes sleeping on the hard floors in the same buildings as the monkeys -- There Is No Rest On Monkey Duty! 
The monkeys move through runways into the drop-down chute.
The monkeys are transported to their safe place in a building.
Monkeys are kept near or with their companions to reduce stress.
Every cage is labeled with the monkey who would occupy the cage.
With nearly 300 monkeys, checks and double checks are performed.
Monkeys are given cups of Gatorade throughout their stay in the cages.
In the summer of 2018, we launched a campaign to purchase land and three permanent hurricane shelters. The total cost of this project is $240,000. We are happy to report that three generous foundations have contributed $210,000 to the project, with only $30,000 needed to complete the project!

Will you join us as we reach the final stage of this vital project? This project is more important than ever -- hurricanes are the most violent storms on the planet, and the 2019 Hurricane Season has been predicted to be more damaging than 2018!
We have the land, two hurricane shelters, but we need $30,000 more to purchase the third hurricane shelter.

With your help, we can better prepare for the next big storm. Thank you in advance for your contribution to our Hurricane Fund!

Director of Development

P.S. You can create your own fundraiser for our Hurricane Shelter Project. See how  here!
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