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Dear Valued Member: 
Starting at 5am, Monday November 2nd, we are excited to share that renovations of the Port Edwards facility have been completed so that we can expand our 24-Hour Access services

Members who enjoy the 24-hour access of the wellness center will now have expanded amenities which include use of the gymnasium and one racquetball court as part of their membership.
How do I attain a 24-Hour Access membership for the Port Edwards facility?
SWC YMCA adult members age 19+ may apply for 24-Hour Wellness Center Access at the Member Service desk at the Wisconsin Rapids facility during regular hours of operation. This benefit is ONLY for our adult members of

There is a one-time fee of $25 to purchase a key fob.

Can I use the racquetball or basketball courts if I don’t have a 24 hour access key fob?
No. The wellness center, basketball and racquetball courts are only available to members who have a 24 hour access membership.

Will I need to make a racquetball reservation?
At this time no. Use of the racquetball court will be based on a “first come, first serve” basis. We ask that members be respectful and limit their time to
45-60 minutes to ensure others have access.

Will there be any times that the gymnasium might not be available for use?
Yes. It is anticipated that the gymnasium will be used to host YMCA events, programs or rentals. 

A schedule will be posted outside of the gym.

Are there use restrictions for the gymnasium?
Yes. Due to COVID protocols, we thank you for understanding that there will be NO pickup basketball allowed.

Where can I go to learn more about this new membership benefit?
You can speak to a representative by calling 715-818-YMCA to learn more.
In order for us to remain open and viable to our community, helping to prevent the spread is a shared responsibility. With the rise of positive cases in our community, it is important for all of us to take responsibility and remain vigilant in our health measures.
We ask that you join YMCA staff in modeling the Y's core values:

Wear a face covering to protect yourself and others
Be honest about your health and how you feel everyday
Maintain 6ft. between yourself and others to respect personal space
Wash your hands regularly and wipe down equipment before and after use

Thank you for your ongoing cooperation in keeping our YMCA and community safe and healthy.

We are all in this together!
We continue to be vigilant in our cleaning procedures, social distancing requirements and other safety measures recommended by our local health department and the CDC.
We will communicate changes and updates through email, our website and facebook page.

Stay well. Stay with us.