Volume 1 | December 2018
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Upcoming Events
Jan 15th- Spring Soccer Registration (Ages 3-12)
February- New Year's Bash- Try out all of our classes! Date TBD

Coming Soon in 2019!
  • Parent's Night Out - last Friday of every month starting January 25th 2019 (registration is open)
  • Birthday Parties!
  • Donor Recognition Wall
  • Teen Room
  • Updating "some" cardio equipment
  • Mandatory staff & instructor shirts (we want you to know who we are!)
  • Operation "Clean Up" - Getting rid of unused items throughout the Y
  • Bringing on 5 new board members
  • Considering a 20 minute "Lunch Express" class (please answer poll at bottom of newsletter)
  • Chamber Business After Hours- come check out our new equipment and all of the improvements that have been made!
  • New Membership Director Announcement
  • Professional staff and instructor head shots for website & newsletter

Our first ever Parents’ Night Out will be Friday, January 25th from 5:30-8:30pm. Spots are limited and will fill up fast, so register now!

5:30-8:30pm- January 25th
Your kids (3- to 13 years old) (MUST BE POTTY TRAINED) will enjoy a fun night at the Y complete with:
·          Fun Craft
·          Games led by Y staff and volunteers
·          Movie
·          Dinner (provided by a local business sponsor)
·          Cost: $5/child (members) or $15 (non-members). All parents must be back by 8:30pm to collect their children!

Member Spotlight
Name: The Bopp Family: Jeremy, Kayla, Tayler, Lukas, Ethan and Barrett

How long have you been with the Y?
Almost 2 years.

What is your favorite thing about the Y?
"The Y is a good place for families to come workout. It's a good environment and I never have to worry about the kids. The Y is a very welcoming place and everyone is very friendly. The kids are involved in the sports and Jeremy coaches. The kids are able to get involved in exercise."
-Kayla Bopp

"The childcare is one thing we love. It allows us to use the Y and relieve stress. The environment is comfortable. We love coming here where our whole family can be involved." -Jeremy Bopp

"Jeremy and Kayla Bopp, along with their four children: Tailor, Lukas, Ethan and Barrett are regular faces at the YMCA. They come in 3-4 nights a week without fail. They come in as a family and promote the healthy lifestyle that the Y encourages. Family is important to the YMCA and is very important to the Bopp family. Kayla home schools her four children and the Y enables her to stay fit and also, with the availability of our child watch, she gets to have a little time to herself. They are setting a positive example to their children to maintain a healthy lifestyle through exercise and doing it as a family unit. The YMCA is proud to have them as members."
 - Rachel Craig- Front Desk Staff
Instructor Spotlight
Name: Tona Roberts
Classes: Advanced Spin, Kettle Bell Power, Cardio Fit, Tone & Burn

How long have you been with the Y? 14 years!

What's your favorite thing about teaching at the Y? Long term friendships I've made, helping people reach their health & fitness goals, and the strong level of accountability I have developed that drives me to stay fit so I can stay a step ahead of members much younger than me.

What are your class dates and times?
All of my classes are at 5:00 A.M.
Employee Spotlight
Name: Coy Lange
Job Title: Member Services

How long have you been with the Y?
I have been working and pursuing my physical training goals here at the YMCA of Dyer County since June of 2017.

What's your favorite thing about working for the Y? My favorite thing about the YMCA is definitely its members. It makes me feel accomplished when I can help our members receive information, support, and help them to become involved in community activities.

What's your Y story?
Coming back from school in Arizona and need purpose, the YMCA gladly accepted me as one of their own. From that moment until now, staff and a multitude of members have helped me on my journey to further my education and grow as an individual.

What would you like members to know about you? As my time here at the Dyer County YMCA comes to a close, I would like everyone to know how grateful I am for their support and encouragement to help me achieve my goals and become the best me possible.

"Coy is a valuable member of our YMCA team and will be greatly missed by our Y family as he transfers to continue his college career at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga." Patrick Holden YMCA Sr. Program Director
Recipe Corner
Light Weight Layered Pumpkin Pie- By YMCA Instructor Tona Roberts
1 large deep dish graham cracker pie crust (reduced fat)
(Brush the crust with egg white and bake at 375 degrees for about 5 minutes remove from the oven and allow to cool before adding filling)
Pie filling Ingredients:
For the cream cheese layer you will need:
6 oz. reduced fat cream cheese softened
2 tbsp. skim milk or almond milk
1 packet of Truvia (Stevia) sweetener
2 cups of frozen Cool Whip Free (thawed)
For the pumpkin layer you will need:
1 cup of cold skim milk or almond milk
1 pkg. of sugar free vanilla flavored instant pudding & pie filling (8 serving size)
1 pkg. of sugar free vanilla flavored instant pudding & pie filling (4 serving size)
2 1/2 cups of canned pumpkin
3 tsp. pumpkin pie spice
Whisk together the softened cream cheese, 2 tbsp. of milk and the Truvia. When blended gently fold in the Cool Whip Free. Carefully spread the cream cheese mixture in the baked graham cracker pie crust.
In a large bowl whisk together 1 cup of milk and both packages of vanilla pudding and the pumpkin pie spice for about a minute. Add 2 ½ cups of pumpkin and blend well with the pudding mixture. (this filling will be thick so don’t add any more liquid)
Carefully spread the pumpkin mixture over the cream cheese mixture
Refrigerate for pie over night before serving (store in the refrigerator)
I have used the fillings in this recipe for individual serving also. Cover the inside of small ramakins with a thin coat of butter. Sprinkle graham cracker crumbs in the ramekins and coat the inside with crumbs, do not bake. Layer the cream cheese and the pumpkin mixture in the ramekins. I dust the tops with nutmeg, but you can garnish with your favorite spice.
YMCA of Dyer County's first ever adult flag football league was a success! We had four teams register; team Dot Foods, Crimson Tide, Pigskin Pirates and team Ram Rod. Team Ram Rod and Crimson Tide played in the championship game with team Crimson Tide winning 46-40! Thank you to everyone who played in this league!
Welcome our newest member to our YMCA family, Walker Gray McCain.
Maurie McCain, one of our YMCA Silver Sneaker instructors & personal trainers, recently had her second child, Walker Gray McCain. he was born on December 4th, weighing 7 pounds 4 oz, and was 19 inches long. Congratulations Maurie! Walker is absolutely precious!
Ages 6 and Under
Monday -Friday 8:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m.
Monday -Thursday 4:30 p.m. - 7:30 p.m.
Saturday 8:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m.
Sleep Well
Sleep is very important as we need a full 7 to 9 hours to properly repair from the intensity of the day. Good sleep helps us function better through our physical and mental activities. Inadequate sleep can lead us to make unhealthy food choices. If we are too tired, or tired and hungry, at the grocery store we may place more processed foods into our cart. Aim to sleep well and to sit down with the family to eat a balanced meal. Managing stress levels is a key factor in getting a proper night of sleep. One way to ensure your family manages its stress is to have everyone take a few moments out of their day to relax and meditate. There are meditations for all different age groups, highlighting multiple themes, including sleep. Meditation practices often start at just three minutes so get together this month and try meditation as a family!
Tips, Tools and Activities
When we establish physical fitness routines and healthy eating goals we lay the foundation for a healthy home. Continue to work as a family to reach your lifestyle goals and celebrate the small wins. Sometimes we may reward ourselves with unhealthier food options or implement a “lazy day” and refrain from our exercise routine. Rewarding ourselves this way can have negative implications and cause the family to get off track by placing the importance on an unhealthy behavior rather than a healthy one. This month, have the family get together and create a list of non-food rewards to use when you achieve your goals! These can include having friends over to play, getting a higher allowance, getting a new book, going to the park, exploring some new family activities, going to the library or a museum, and so much more. Get creative and have fun!
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"Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy new year to you and yours"
- Patrick Holden, Program Director

"The YMCA is the community and is the one organization ran by volunteer that allow their dreams and passion to become reality. In this world of the individual I believe it takes a village to raise a kid. Striving for progress and opportunity, not perfection.  We build a frame work that makes things possible to develop our youth, become a healthier place, and aid in advocating, educating, developing, programing and delivering a better community that’s our social responsibility.  To do our important work, the Y relies on support from members, donors, volunteers and community leaders. The Y for a better US. "
-Randy Butler, CEO

New Years Eve-4:30 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
New Year's Day-Closed