Dear YMS Families,

We did it! Thank you very much for all your patience, flexibility, and words of encouragement over the last two weeks. My heart was full on Wednesday with both grade levels in the building. I loved hearing new sneakers squeaking on the shiny hallway floors, the chatter and squeals from students in the hallways, and hearing our e-learners becoming more comfortable talking to the class through Zoom.

I know there are areas that need to improve which is what we will spend time with on Monday, August 31 as a staff. Monday, August 31 is an Institute Day and there is no student attendance even for our remote learners. Take a breath and enjoy the three day weekend.!

Take Care,
Canvas Access for Parents!

A tool that you are going to find very helpful this year is the Parent Access to Canvas. As a parent, you are able to set up your parent portal to access your child's courses through their Learning Platform, Canvas. A tutorial has been created for you so that you can start supporting your child with their learning.

You do need a parent pairing code which you can ask your child for or reach out to your child's teachers. This video is helpful, but should you need further assistance, please contact Mrs. Kerr at or your child's classroom teacher.
Daily Health Survey

Sharing with families another way to access the Daily Health Survey other than through your email. The District website has a QR Code that will support your submission of your child's health to come to school.

For a QR Code, you need to turn your camera on and hover over the code and the website will then appear at the top of the screen for you to click. Your child is probably pretty quick with a QR Code so feel free to practice with them.

The District has made this easier for families by not sending the email reminder to our e-learner families as well as removing the "No, I do not consent" option as many families were clicking that choice on accident which then indicated that their child could not attend school. It seemed to run very smoothly after the hiccup earlier in the week.
E-learners and Attendance

Please call your student in as absent if your child is stepping away from e-learning should they have an appointment. This would be the same procedure as if your child were on site in a face to face setting.

Also, encourage your child to be on time for their e-learning. Sometimes home internet and perhaps running behind from another class may cause a problem, but if that is not the case, we do expect students to be on time for class just as if they were in the building.

Sometimes our e-learners are unable to access their Zoom link or are having problems and may reach out to the teacher for help through email. A lot of times, our teachers do not have their email open and ready to respond while they are teaching. Please call the Main Office at 630-553-4544 and we can quickly let the teacher know that an e-learner is trying to enter the class.

Many different scenarios for our e-learners. Please know that you can always call the Main Office at 630-553-4544 for attendance and entering a Zoom classroom. Our awesome secretaries are ready to assist you!

Student Coffee Drinkers

One of the perks of a student being driven to school by a parent is a quick swing through a drive through for a delicious morning beverage. We do ask that your child please finish those drinks prior to entering the building as we need to keep our masks on at all times. We appreciate your help with this.
Health and Wellness

During the COVID-19 pandemic, your child's world has been turned upside down and some may find it harder than others to cope with the changes that have been thrown their way. Your child may reach out to you with their feelings, as you are one of the constants in their lives. Click the button below to find some strategies that will help you talk with your child and resources you can use to help bring about some stability and comfort.

We are also here to help. Please do not hesitate to reach out to our Assistant Principal of Student Services, Mrs. Amedei, at for additional support if needed.
Lunch is $2.80. For all the details about our Food Service as well as an application for free and reduced lunch, click the button below for our full page of food service information.

All students will have access to meals through the district. Families who opted into the e-learning or hybrid models can purchase multi-day meals, while those attending on-site can purchase meals at the school.

Weekday meals can be picked-up on Tuesdays between 4-6 p.m. at Yorkville High School, 797 Game Farm Road (Door 21). Families who qualify for the state’s free and reduced meal program will receive these meals at the free/reduced cost. Meals will also be available for purchase.
Always welcome feedback to help us be the best middle school we can be! 
Two important contacts that can get you what you need right away are the following people:

Mrs. Laura Barbanente - Principal's Secretary - or 630-553-4544
Ms. Karina Villa- Student Services' Secretary or 630-553-4544






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