April 2021
YORhub news
YORcivil2 framework extended
We are pleased to inform clients that the YORcivil2 framework is to be extended until 2023. The framework was due to expire in August this year, but by implementing the permitted two year extension period YORhub can focus on continuing to deliver high quality services through the existing agreements.

YORcivil2 has proven highly successful since its launch in 2017, delivering more than 100 projects with a total value exceeding £300million. In particular, YORhub is proud to have successfully delivered the greatest number of flood alleviation and coastal protection schemes in England through YORcivil2, reducing flood risk to thousands of homes and businesses, and protecting our coastline and environment.

A re-procurement exercise to create a replacement civil engineering framework will begin in 2022.
Value Toolkit pilot launched
The Construction Innovation Hub this week moved to the pilot phase of its Value Toolkit. The toolkit offers an approach to making informed, value-based decisions that drive better outcomes in the built environment.

YORhub is proud to be partnering with the Construction Innovation Hub to shape the development of the Value Toolkit. If you would like to take part in the pilot please register by 21 May 2021.

Find full details on the Value Toolkit, register for the pilot and sign up for updates at the link below.

Welcome to our new Sustainability Team
We're delighted to welcome Michael Raven and Niccolas Irvin to the YORhub team. Mike is leading on shaping YORhub's sustainability strategy, focusing initially on carbon reduction.

Mike is currently Principal Project Manager at East Riding of Yorkshire Council. He previously acted as YORbuild Framework Manager for the East area framework so may be familiar to many of our long-standing clients and contractors.

He is assisted by Nicc, Senior Project Manager at East Riding who has considerable experience of delivering BREEAM projects.

YOR4Good community project updates
YORhub’s YOR4Good fund provides grants of up to £10,000 to support economic regeneration via local community projects. It is funded by donations of cash or benefits in kind from contractors and consultants when they’re awarded projects through our frameworks.

See updates from two recent beneficiaries, The High Street Centre and Hunwick Cricket Club, and the benefits delivered to their communities.
Email scam alert
We wish to alert users that a change of bank account scam is doing the rounds again. An email impersonating a legitimate company asks for their payee details to be updated in order to divert funds away from the legitimate recipient.

Please take care and validate any suspicious requests with the company concerned before amending payment details.

For advice on dealing with suspicious emails, visit the National Cyber Security Centre.
RaisE Business Centre, Goole
Construction of the RaisE business centre at Goole, East Riding of Yorkshire, has been awarded to Willmott Dixon under YORbuild2. The exciting new multi-million-pound business centre and innovation hub development will offer flexible office and workshop space for SMEs, and is expected to attract investment and growth into the region.

Read more about the project at the link below.
FREE WEBINAR: Managing Payment and Insolvency Risks - Practical Advice for Construction Companies
Thursday 6th May 2021

Constructing Excellence Yorkshire and Humber are partnering with Gosschalks Solicitors to bring this very topical webinar on managing payment and insolvency risks.

Value Toolkit webinar
View a recording of the webinar hosted by Building Magazine with Ron Lang of Construction Innovation Hub for the launch of the Value Toolkit on 26th April 2021.

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