Alternative HR & Avera EAP Present Scary Stories:
Reasonable Suspicion Training
With the prevalence of alcohol abuse and illicit drug use, such as alcohol, methamphetamine, cocaine, etc., do you know what to look for in an impaired employee in the workplace? Do you understand the crisis that could happen if you have an impaired employee? If not, this is for YOU!

Who: This training is created for supervisors of any company, especially HR and top-level management and front-line supervisors.
What: This course will enable you to:
  •  Recognize the signs, symptoms, and indicators of employees impaired by substances
  • Identify concerns and document action steps to maintain a safe environment
  • Understand appropriate policies and standards for an employer
When: Friday, May 13, 2022
Time: 8:30 am - 10:30 am
Where: Avera Education Center-Auditorium (813 E 23rd, Sioux Falls, SD 57105)

Cost: $25/person
Presented by: Alternative HR & Avera EAP
*This event is being offered both in-person and virtually.*
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Dealing With Team Conflict
As managers, we all want our employees to collaborate, work as a team, and play nice in the sandbox. When one employee comes to you with complaints about another employee, it can put you in a difficult position of having to arbitrate the dispute.

People have different viewpoints and, under the right set of circumstances, those differences escalate to conflict. How you handle that conflict determines whether it works to the team's advantage, or contributes to its demise.

 Step #1 
Acknowledge the conflict! The conflict has to be acknowledged before it can be managed and resolved. The tendency is for people to ignore the first signs of conflict, perhaps as it seems trivial or difficult to differentiate from the healthy debate in a normal team. Once the team recognizes the issue, it can start the process of resolution.

Step #2
Discuss the impact! As a team, identify and discuss the impacts the conflict is having on team dynamics, performance, and results.
Step #3
Agree (hopefully ahead of time) to a collaborative process! This means putting the team first and may involve setting aside your opinion or ideas for the time being. If someone wants to win more than he or she wants to resolve the conflict, you may find yourself at a stalemate.

Agree to communicate! The most important thing throughout the resolution process is for everyone to keep communications open. The people involved need to talk about the issue and discuss their strong feelings. Active listening is essential here because to move on you need to really understand the other person's point of view.

Call Alternative HR! 
Conflict can be messy. That is why some managers tend to avoid it. While conflict can be healthy and constructive, team members need to learn the 'rules and boundaries' and managers need to learn options for coaching through the conflict.

When you are faced with a challenging or complex work conflict, give ALTERNATIVE HR a call. Our team is experienced in guiding you and your team towards a positive resolution.

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