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Defenders of Freedom connects the community to Veterans and provides donors with the organization they need 
to support Post 9/11 Veterans.
Paralyzed by Pain, a Life Reclaimed with Your Gifts
Staff Sargent Stephen Dockray spent 10 years in the Army as an Infantry Mortarman. During his deployment, Stephen was involved in an explosion and in the chaos, stepped on a piece of hot, dirty shrapnel that cut through his boot and into his foot. He also began having migraines. As soldiers do, he got himself bandaged up, took some Advil, and soldiered on. In the months to come, he developed cancer in his foot while still on active duty. He was treated and became cancer free, thanks to the Army doctors.   But it left him with a limp, a cane, and terrible pain in his foot and legs.
In 2015, Stephen was medically retired and was designated to receive 100% and permanent support from the VA. After 6 months and draining his savings, the VA still had not come through with his support.

Thankfully, Stephen found Defenders of Freedom and because of our generous donors, was able to get help to pay his bills and keep a roof over his families' head while he waited on the VA.

Over the next couple of years, Stephen was diagnosed with a myriad of issues. Before it was over with, Stephen had multiple surgeries to address his pain, started having seizures, was taking 27 medications a day, and receiving injections in his head so painful that he had to be strapped down.

This lead to more issues than you can even imagine. He had no quality of life.   But it all culminated with life threatening brain swelling and a stay in the ICU. That's when Defenders of Freedom founder, Donna Cranston, finally convinced Stephen to get the cutting edge brain treatment she knew would change his life!

On April 15th, Stephen started not only non-invasive treatment for his brain, but treatment for the pain in his legs as well. The entire cost of the treatment was provided by generous donors. He has been home for more than 2 months now. He has been able to stop taking almost all of his medication.

"The doctor at the clinic spent so much time with me. I really felt listened to. That's never happened before," Stephen said. "I feel so much better than I did when I first went to Colorado for treatment. This has been a life altering experience for my family."

This wouldn't happen without caring people... donors make all of this happen. They gave Stephen's life back. They gave a husband and a father back.   THANK YOU!
Veterans and Supporters Converge for 14th Annual Golf Outing
On May 20, 120 golfers and 32 volunteers came together to provide a good time for 51 veterans and to raise money to provide financial assistance and traumatic brain treatment for our post 9/11 veterans.
"It was just such a blessed day. I don't even know how to put it into words," Donna Cranston, founder of Defenders of Freedom said. "It's probably the best golf outing we've ever had!"
About $65,000 was raised to help veterans with basic living expense
s as they await assistance from the VA or to help support their families as they receive vital treatment for Traumatic Brain Injuries sustained during military ser vice. Money raised will also pay for brain treatment.
We'd like to say thank you to the men and women who came out to play and to support our veterans.
An Evening with Patriots Dinner

15 Year Anniversary

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