Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue                       August 2017

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Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue is a non-profit, completely volunteer-driven organization dedicated  to saving and re-homing Bulldogs with loving families.
Hundreds of Bulldogs are lost, abandoned, taken to animal shelters, or surrende red to rescue every year. Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue accepts Bulldogs whose owners can no longer keep them, and retrieves Bulldogs from shelters and undesirable situations. Our Bulldogs are placed in suitable homes as soon as reasonably possible.

Princess Paisley Thanks Our Supporters!

We love all our supporters, and so does Paisley! 

She was picked up by animal control wandering the 
streets. Her hair and skin were in terrible condition so the shelter 
contacted us. They knew we could give her the care she needed and deserved. You could smell her before you could see her! At only a year old, she has seen and experienced a lot. But how does a young girl cope with showing more skin than hair?

That is where our army of supporters stepped in. Some made special monetary donations to pay for her immediate care and extended stay at the vet. Erica Wesson with P Dawg Accessories made and sent her a beautiful pink paisley collar and leash. We made some new friends with Toby Blum of Fur Angel Blessing Blanketeers (FABB) who sent her a special toy, treats and handmade blanket they prayed over.

All this generosity, love and good wishes is paying off for Miss Paisley. She has regained most of her hair, and she has gained four pounds. Her potty training is about complete and she is now great on a leash. Our goal is to have this once pitiful girl-now princess-adopted around the first of September.

Recently we put out a special plea for additional items from our Amazon Wish List and we were immediately rewarded by receiving a truck load of much needed items.

Paisley and all the dogs and volunteers of Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue thank all our various supporters. It is you who make what we do possible!

Meet  Barkley

Have you ever seen a 9-year-old Bulldog going on 6? Barkley is your man! If we did not have his papers, we would never believe this dog is day over 6. In fact, he looks and acts younger than some 6-year-olds. It is his rambunctious behavior that led to him being surrendered. After nine years with his family, and with diminishing eyesight, he found it hard to adjust to a little human in the family. He would either run over the toddler, or be surprised by the toddler's movements and not be sure how to react. It was a very tearful surrender, but his family could not stand the thought of crating him or keeping him in another part of the house. They wanted him to have a place where he can run free, as he was meant to be, and not be afraid of hurting someone.

Barkley is very healthy. He is recovering from a skin allergy that left him with many small bald spots that are beginning to fill back in. If you have Bulldogs, you have probably seen this. If you are wanting a sweet older boy with lots of miles left in him, Barkley could be your guy.

Cool Off With 
Doggie Ice Cream! 

Ice Cream Cloud Nine

· 1 ripe banana
· 1 cup of peanut butter
· 2 cups of natural plain yogurt
· 2 tbsps. of honey

1. Mash the banana and then stir it into the natural 
2. Warm the cup of peanut butter using a 
    microwave or stove until it's easy to stir.
3. Add the banana and yogurt mixture and the 
    honey to the softened peanut butter.
4. Mix all ingredients until well-combined.
5. Pour the mixture into a non-stick container and 
    then freeze overnight.

Take treating your dog a step further by turning it into an ice cream sundae party!

Ice Cream Topping Safe to Use
· A spoonful of applesauce
· Some dribbles of honey
· Bits of crispy bacon
· A sprinkle of rice crispies
· Dashes of toasted sesame seeds

Special T-Shirt Sale
We are teaming up with other Bulldog rescues around the country. For a limited time, purchase this design and the proceeds will be split amongst the participating organizations. Tees, tanks, sweatshirts and even tote bags are available.

Orders will only be accepted for a limited time, and then orders should be delivered by Aug. 18.

Help us raise awareness of the fundraiser, as well as Bulldog rescue in general, by sharing the link.
this link the the official site. Do it today! 
Upcoming Events:

Rescue Rodeo at D-Town Crossfit
D-Town Crossfit is sponsoring a rescue rodeo! There will be a series of timed competitions with great prizes. But you don't have to compete. just come hang out, watch, cheer, bid on some great silent auction items, and kiss bulldogs!

Saturday August 5:   9:00-Noon
155 Parkhouse St.  Dallas, TX 75207

Facebook Auction Coming Soon!
We will be hosting a Facebook auction August 10-13. All funds raised will help offset the vet bills we incur while helping Bulldogs in need. Since we have more dogs than ever before in our care (55), we need additional funds to properly care for them. Check out our Facebook page for all the details.

Brunch With The Bulldogs
Join us on Saturday, September 30 for a morning of Bulldog fun. We will be hosted by Country Dog Services, an excellent boarding facility in Collin County. Come tour the facility, meet the staff and meet lots of our fosters and available Bulldogs. And enjoy a wonderful brunch prepared for our guests.
Country Dog Services   (Look for the long wooden fence)
15540 Hwy 78 N
Blue Ridge, TX  75424

Pups, Paws And Pizza
On Monday, October 2 you can shop any i Fratelli Pizza location and 15% of your purchase total will be donated to us. You must mention Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue when making your order. See their website for a list of their 15 local locations.

Bull-O-Ween 2017 -- October 28
It's time to start planning our biggest and most fun fundraising event of the year. Bull-O-Ween 2017 will be October 28 at the same location as last year, the Lewisville Premier Event Center (1165 S. Stemmons Frwy, Lewisville).
Check Out Our Store
Want a treat for making a difference in the life of a Bulldog? Go to our website and pick up one (or several!) of our t-shirts.  Your donation helps Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue provide the care needed to ensure each Bulldog reaches their true potential and finds their forever home.
Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue is a 501(c)3 Charity
Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue relies solely on contributions from the public  and proceeds from its fundraising efforts. Because we are a non-profit organization, donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. 

To make a donation click the link below.
Thank you and Bulldog kisses,

Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue

Supporter Corner:
Meet Crossland
I have adopted three Bulldogs from these fine folks. They are dedicated to their cause, love their breed and are vigilant in finding the right homes for their sweet pups. Everyone I have worked with has been wonderful, kind and patient.   
Nothing but great things to say.

Some of Our Available  Bulldogs

Patsy Cline (Age 5)

Mia  (Age 3)

Maximus (Age 9)

Etta James  (Age 4)

Gulliver  (Age 4)

Stumpy (Age 5)

Monroe  (Age 1)

Paris  (Age 6)

Bella Bailey (Age 2)

Scout  (Age 4)

Zeus  (Age 7)

Sweetie Girl  (Age 4)

Bridget (Age 8)

Tank  (Age 7)

Honeybun (Age 8)

 Roscoe (Age 8)

Mae (Age 11)

Meatball (Age 6)

Consider Becoming a Foster Family 
Our ability to rescue dogs from undesirable conditions is limited by the foster homes available. We always need more caring homes in the metroplex to help these precious dogs begin a new life. For more information on how you can get involved, visit our Volunteer page on our website.

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