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Membership Newsletter
Civil Rights Sentry for a Century
Vigilant since 1919
Please Show Up 9am November 1st
Department 66, 330 W. Broadway (Hall of Justice)
November 1st Section 8 Lawsuit Hearing

As you know, the NAACP San Diego Branch is involved in a lawsuit to fight the San Diego Housing Commission's discriminatory and segregationist practice of setting Section 8 voucher levels too low to allow access to all areas of our city. There...

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Show Up for Meaningful Oversight of the SDPD
Let My People Vote!
Disappointed With "No" Votes on Satellite Offices

2019-10-30 The NAACP San Diego Branch would like to voice its displeasure that the San Diego County Board of Supervisors were unwilling to protect and strengthen the voting rights of all eligible San Diegans. The board fell one vote short of the...

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New Executive Committee Members
New Members of the Executive Committee

The Branch has welcomed four new members to its Executive Committee. They are: Alison Middleton, Secretary (a.middleton@sandiegonaacp.org)Ricke Brown, Assistant Secretary (r.brown@sandiegonaacp.org)Dr Leonard Thompson III, Communications, Press...

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πŸ¦‡πŸ¦‡ Filing Cabinet Needed πŸ¦‡πŸ¦‡
Donation Needed: Filing Cabinet

Your Branch needs a locking filing cabinet, so that our financial records will no longer be stored in an offset location. Do you have a locking filing cabinet you can donate? If so, please write to secretary@sandiegonaacp.org. If we can't find...

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πŸ‘» November General Membership Meeting πŸ‘»
November General Membership Meeting
Join us on the first Thursday of the month! Give your opinion in person, and make connections with your fellow members. Coming to a meeting is the best way to start to get engaged and make a difference!

6pm, November 7th, 2019
Jacobs Center Community Room
404 Euclid Avenue

Facebook user? RSVP here .

The meeting packet, including agenda and reports, will be available by noon the day before the meeting, at sandiegonaacp.org/meeting
πŸ•Έ πŸ•Έ ACT-SO Xpresses its Blackness πŸ•Έ πŸ•Έ
ACT-SO Visits Black Xpression

Every month ACTSO participates in an enrichment activity. On October 25th, we went to the open mic night Black Xpression. Our ACT-SO competitor Eryn brought down the house.

Your Input Needed!
ο»ΏWhat Shall We Tell The Board of Supervisors?
San Diego County Board of Supervisors

We were recently approached by Supervisor Cox, who wanted to honor the Branch on its 100th Anniversary. At our October 3rd General Membership Meeting, we voted to decline the honor, due to longstanding issues with the Board of Supervisors...

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California Genocide Conference in November
NAACP Joins Call to End Zoning Restrictions
Press Conference Calling for an End to Restrictive Zoning

Recently the NAACP San Diego Branch participated in a press conference and comment at the City of San Diego Land-Use and Housing Committee. The goal of the press conference was to ask for an end to restrictive zoning, so that we can build more...

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A Message from a Friend
Advertisement: A. Davis Travel

We rarely advertise businesses on our website, but Ms Davis was so very helpful with our Silent Auction at the Freedom Fund Dinner on October 11th, that we wanted to thank her by letting you know about her services. Founded in March 2016 A Davis...

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Member-Owned Business Directory
Buy Local, Buy Small, Buy NAACP
Use your dollars to support small local businesses owned by your fellow NAACP members. We have enough economic power to make the difference to these businesses; use it!
Experiencing Discrimination?
Your branch is here to help. If you have experienced discrimination, the very best way to get started is to fill out a Discrimination Complaint . It will get us all the basic facts we need to determine whether we can help you directly or need to refer you to other resources.
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