Dear Sis, 

I have a question for you. Are you aware of the power that lives on the inside of you?  Allow me to reframe it this way, Are you aware that God is on the inside of you?   Are you aware that the same power that was used to resurrect Jesus from the dead is living on the inside of you right now? You have power!

If I had to pose the question to myself I would answer,

“Yes, I am aware." But do I harness its full potential? Not really.  Why? Because like so many others I underestimated the power that I bring. 

The definition of underestimate : t o estimate something to be smaller or less important than it actually is. By definition, are you guilty? Have you estimated the POWER in you
less than what it really is?

Some of us have bought into the lie that our gifts, talents, and abilities are not worthy or significant enough to be missed. God said not only does your gifts, talents and abilities matter, but your smile matters. Your hugs matters. Your laughter matters. Your presence matters. Without you something is missing. 

When you show up in a room the energy level should change. There should be an increase in POWER, because you are bringing more of God on the scene.  

This years Sisterhood Call To Unity Conference is themed,  Its’ Electric!

We want to create a power surge. A disruption in the normal course of events in the lives of women. We want to effect change, restore minds, and heal brokenness. We can do that by understanding that we are containers of power with unlimited potential to change the world around us! 

Now, I’ll ask you this question: Do you know how to harness the power?  Stay tuned we will talk about in a follow up email. Until next time I will be praying yours and I hope you are praying mine. Walk in power~ 

3 Ways you can show up for #C2Unity19.

1. Grab a ticket for yourself!
2. Sponsor a ticket for another person
3. Forward this email to friends or family, or post on social media about the conference.
Represent Sisterhood!
We all experience those moments in our lives where we feel overwhelmed, burned out, uncertain, and just plain tired.

So, what do we do?

We take a moment to PrayHers!

The In HERS is YOURS challenge is designed to help women get away from being consumed with only their hopes and dreams in exchange for the opportunity to pray for the hopes and dreams of her sisters.

James 5:16 of the Bible reads... pray one for another that YOU maybe healed.

Prayer for others is seed that you sow back into your own life. It's a WIN-WIN!

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