Tuesday June 2, 2020
Hello Chamber Members and Partners,

Here are the latest updates and resources for businesses and employees during this uncertain time.

Send us any questions or updates you may have, we are here to help provide information, connect the dots and assure those in the North Country that we will get through this together.

Onward and Be Well!
There is no doubt that this is an unprecedented time in recent history. The community, residents, businesses, government and travelers are all navigating a new landscape and the Adirondack Coast Visitors Bureau (ACVB), a division of the North Country Chamber of Commerce, is doing their best to help ease travelers’ anxieties, welcome visitors back safely when the community is ready and help kick start a “support local” movement amongst those who call the Adirondack Coast home.

While this time has caused several challenges:
  • Visitors’ fear of travel
  • Residents fear of going out in public and welcoming visitors to their community
  • Temporary Closure of the US-Canada Border
  • Potential business closure
  • Questions around hosting large scale events

It has also created several opportunities:
  • Reimagining tourism marketing & offerings
  • Looking at new drive in markets
  • Strengthening the “Buy Local, Support Local” Movement
  • Engaging with potential travelers in new and fascinating ways
  • Looking at new cooperative ways to work with regional Tourism Promotion Agencies (TPA’s) to help present a unified, regional message and leverage limited dollars

This is why the Visitors Bureau has adjusted their marketing plan to include a “phased reopening” process. Just as NYS has done, they will look to each phase to re-introduce the Adirondack Coast to their audience (old and new) and community when the time is right.
The Phases will include:
  • Phase 1: Moments and Memories: Reminiscing about the Adirondack Coast
  • Phase 2: Be a Tourist in your Town: The Ultimate Staycation
  • Phase 3: Welcoming our Neighbors to the North! 
  • Phase 4: Open for Business: Embracing Travel

Join us next Wednesday, June 10th at 1pm for a virtual presentation of the plan, ask questions and get further details.
Health & Safety Practices Highlighted at Mold-Rite Plastics
The North Country Chamber of Commerce was pleased to join Congresswoman Elise Stefanik in a visit to Mold-Rite Plastics in Plattsburgh yesterday.

MRP has remained operating throughout the pandemic as an Essential Manufacturer, due to produce 4.5 billion caps this year for plastic containers for medicine and health related products, among others.

They reviewed their successful safety measures which were highlighted during a tour.

Kudos to MRP and our other area manufacturers for all of their attention to good health and safety practices. And our thanks to the Congresswoman for her visit to discuss this timely topic.
Business Signage Available
Need signs for your business? Our partners at  ROOST  have developed a series of  downloadable signage  to politely encourage employees, customers and visitors to abide by new guidance.

The "Politely Adirondack" posters are available for download on  our website  .

We thank them for sharing such a valuable resource!
CDC Business Signage Available
The CDC has produced a variety of signage for your business to use. These posters help to remind employers to "wash hands", "properly use face coverings" and more. Download posters and flyers below.
Required Business Safety Plan Template from NYS
Each business or entity, including those that have been designated as essential under Empire State Development's Essential Business Guidance, must develop a written Safety Plan outlining how its workplace will prevent the spread of COVID-19.

A business may fill out the template belwo to fulfill this requirement, or may develop its own Safety Plan. This plan does not need to be submitted to a state agency for approval but must be retained on the premises of the business and must made available to the New York State Department of Health (DOH) or local health or safety authorities in the event of an inspection.

Business owners should refer to the State’s industry-specific guidance for more information on how to safely operate. For a list of regions and sectors that are authorized to re-open, as well as detailed guidance for each sector, please visit: forward.ny.gov.

 If your industry is not included in the posted guidance but your businesses has been operating as essential, please refer to ESD's Essential Business Guidance and adhere to the guidelines within this Safety Plan. 
Safety Training Is Available Virtually Through the North Country Chamber of Commerce
We are pleased to be able to offer virtual safety training for your company through the HAB Grant fund again this year. For many years now we have received this grant from the NYS Department of Labor to help with safety training. In that time we have conducted many safety training sessions at the Chamber and at local facilities. In these challenging times, we have received permission to use the funds to pay for virtual training. A list of OSHA training subjects we cover are listed below.

Suggested List of Safety Training Topics:
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Safe Lifting
  • Lockout/Tagout
  • Repetitive Motion Injury Prevention
  • HazWoper
  • Back Safety
  • Ergonomics in the Work Place
  • Working Safely with Flammables and Fuels
  • Lift Truck
  • Safety Inspections
  • Asbestos
  • Forming Safety Committees
  • Respiratory Safety
  • Safely Working with Hazardous Materials
  • Behavior Based Safety
  • Working Safely with Compressed Gases
  • Fall Protection
  • Hazard Communication
  • Electrical Safety
  • Confined Space Entry
  • Industrial Hygiene
If you are interested in having OSHA training at your facility, please contact Becky at the Chamber.
To help the North Country reopen safely and meet the state and local mandates, T he North Country Chamber of Commerce has created a comprehensive list of resources to navigate state and local requirements. Check out the home page for details. There is also a series of webinars available for businesses to help educate and provide answers to common questions.
  • Looking for Supplies: If your business is looking for hard to find protective products, we have created a list of businesses offering hand sanitizer, gloves, wipes, masks and other items.

  • Now Hiring: Whether you are hiring or looking for work, we have a page dedicated to helping pair potential employees with employers.

  • Webinars: Did you miss one of our webinars, you can find them all here.

  • How to Help: If you are looking for a way to help the North Country, we have created an ever growing list of needs in our community. And if you are a non-profit, health care organization or a business helping those in need, email us with your needs, contact information and we will be happy to add you to our growing list.

  • SCORE: Visit Scores Coronavirus page for webinars and useful articles for small businesses.
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