Friday May 1, 2020
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North Country Chamber Releases Plan to Help Support Business with Reopening
The North Country Chamber of Commerce has released "NORTH COUNTRY FORWARD", a plan for supporting business reopening in the North Country.

It sustains and builds upon the Chamber's extensive current activities, and outlines a five step commitment:
  • CONTINUATION: Sustaining its active communications and programming for the regional business community.
  • DIALOGUE AND INPUT: Outlining plans for extensive outreach and engagement with the business community at large and with specific sectors.
  • SAFETY RESOURCE OFFICERS: Identifying the key responsible individuals at each regional business site.
  • TRAINING AND GUIDANCE: A comprehensive commitment to specific information and training programs.
  • PROMOTION/MARKETING/INFORMATION: Coordinated assistance for appropriately revised marketing and informational efforts in areas such as tourism and economic development.

The full outline is available HERE and will be a living guide for the Chamber's efforts with and on behalf of regional business, subject to weekly review and updates. The various endeavors to be implemented under the plan will also assist the Chamber in interacting actively and effectively on behalf of the business community with emerging committees and planning processes at the federal, state, regional and local levels.
State Pension Fund Provides $50 Million to Paycheck Protection Program to Support NYS Businesses
This week, New York State Comptroller Thomas P. DiNapoli announced that the New York State Common Retirement Fund would provide $50 million to Pursuit Lending (formerly the New York Business Development Corporation) to bolster Pursuit’s ability to issue additional loans to New York small businesses through the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP).
To help make sure the $50 million allocation benefits New York’s “main street” businesses, the NYS Common Retirement Fund set parameters on how Pursuit could lend the funds, including:
  • Loans would be made exclusively to businesses located in NYS
  • There would be no minimum loan amount, but maximum loan amounts are set at $350,000
  • 25% of loans are targeted for Minority and Women-Owned Business Enterprises (MWBE’s)

Prior to this allocation, Pursuit had already processed nearly $200 million in PPP loans for small businesses. New York State businesses can sign-up to apply for PPP through Pursuit . 
For more information on the PPP visit the SBA’s website, here.
For the full press-release, click here.
Stefanik Announces COVID-19 Working Groups
The North Country Chamber welcomes this commitment to a district-wide process for dialogue and planning.
We will be actively participating, as we are at the local level and as we plan to actively advise and assist in New York State planning efforts in the coming weeks. And we continue to hold weekly conversations with our partners to the north as well, including the Quebec and Canadian Governments, the FCCQ (Federation of Chambers of Commerce of Quebec) and the Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan Montreal.
What Shape Will the Economic Recovery Take?
A View From the U.S. Chamber of Commerce
Despite all the dour data, the economy will bounce back once the lockdowns are eased.
The question will then become, what shape will the recovery take? Many analysts talk about how it will look like a letter. For instance, will it look like a “V,” a “U,” a “W,” an “L,” or a “reverse-J?”

What each of those shapes tries to convey is how fast the economy gets back to where it was before the shock of COVID-19 hit and the subsequent enormous contraction in economic growth. A short description of each is below:
  • V: A sharp and deep contraction followed immediately by an equally sharp recovery. This is the shortest duration event and the one that gets us back to where we were fastest.
  • U: A deep contraction followed by a longer period of depressed economic growth, followed by a rapid return to pre-crisis growth.
  • W: A steep drop-off, a short-term recovery, another steep drop, followed by a sharper recovery. The secondary drop is either caused by a reemergence of the virus or something occurring inside the economy.
  • L: A steep decline in growth followed by a period of low growth from which we really don’t recover for the foreseeable future.
  • Reverse-J: This is also known as a check mark or Nike Swoosh. This is a sharp drop followed by a prolonged, slow recovery that could take a few years.

Of course, the recovery could take another shape too. There is no consensus about the course the economy will take. And until we get a broader reopening, forecasts are largely conjecture. But each of these letters shows that the economy will decline a great deal. There is consensus on that part.

As the chart shows, the length of the Great Pause and the depth of the contraction in the second quarter and beyond will drive what letter the recovery takes on. A “V” would be best and is what we are all hoping for.
Enjoying the Outdoors During Social Isolation
With the warm weather finally here on the Adirondack Coast, the DEC and State Parks are encouraging residents to engage in socially responsible outdoor activities. And we know the Adirondack Coast has lots of wonderful places to explore...safely.

While enjoying outdoor spaces, please continue to follow the CDC guidelines for safe recreation:
  • Stay home if you are sick
  • Practice social distancing - keep at least 6 feet of distance between you and others
  • If you cannot maintain a distance of 6ft please wear a face covering
  • Avoid shaking hands, hugging, and high-five
  • Stay local and keep visits short
  • Visit in small groups limited to immediate household members
  • Avoid games and activities that require close contact
  • If you arrive at a park or trail and crowds are forming, choose a different park, a different trail or return another time/day to visit

Looking for a place to explore? We’ve got you covered!

Water Views:



CITEC WEBINAR: Lead Your Team Through Change: The Importance of Communicating With Your Employees
Join CITEC Business Advisor, Sharon Van Auken, for a discussion on how to manage communication with your employees during these uncertain times. She will go into detail with some policies and practices to engage disparate employees in the changes necessary to build resiliency in your company.
Wednesday, May 6, 2020
10:00am to 11:00am

Behavioral Health Services North, Inc (BHSN) is pleased to announce the launch of BHSN Live, a live stream video series focused on the intersections of life, health and wellness. 
They seeks to engage with the community and foster discussion surrounding topics that effect our everyday lives, such as health, family, and current events. Our inaugural episodes will use the events of today, COVID-19, and take a look at how individuals and families are coping with the unique challenges that we are facing. The power of human connection can be transforming in situations such as the one we find ourselves in, and it should not be underestimated. 

The first episode, “Life Unscripted” is geared towards parents who are working from home as well as caring for their families. BHSN licensed clinicians will answer questions submitted by the public before the episode as well as field live questions.  

Questions can be asked anonymously through BHSN’s various social media avenues as well as live tweeted to #askbhsn. BHSN has already received several questions, for example, “Lots of parents working from home feel guilt when making sacrifices. How do I deal with this guilt?” and, “What are some tips for when I am at my breaking point?”

Tune in live at 4pm on Thursday, May 7, to listen, engage, and learn via the BHSN webpage at or on YouTube .
The home page of the Chamber's website is now your go to resource for all things Coronavirus related. From information to help your business, health insurance, employee guidelines, restaurant offerings and CDC resources, will hopefully make things a bit easier for you during this challenging time.
  • Looking for Supplies: If your business is looking for hard to find protective products, we have created a list of businesses offering hand sanitizer, gloves, wipes, masks and other items.

  • Now Hiring: Whether you are hiring or looking for work, we have a page dedicated to helping pair potential employees with employers.

  • Webinars: Did you miss one of our webinars, you can find them all here.

  • How to Help: If you are looking for a way to help the North Country, we have created an ever growing list of needs in our community. And if you are a non-profit, health care organization or a business helping those in need, email us with your needs, contact information and we will be happy to add you to our growing list.

  • SCORE: Visit Scores Coronavirus page for webinars and useful articles for small businesses.
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