Friday August 14, 2020
Here are the latest updates and resources for businesses and employees during this uncertain time. - Onward and Be Well!
WEBINAR: Time Management to Boost Productivity
The truth is, time management, though easy to understand, can be quite difficult to master. And that’s especially true in 2020. Amid an international pandemic and a highly dispersed workforce, teams have to continually figure out how to navigate new waters and keep efficiency high. During this session, we will look at several different ways to boost your productivity and best manage your time.
  • Date: August 18, 2020
  • Time: 11:00AM
  • Instructor: Scott McKenna & Heidi Williams, Catamount Consulting
Learning Objectives:
  • Understand the steps of effective delegation
  • Learn how to make meetings more valuable
  • Clearly define goals and objectives 
WEBINAR: Understanding Your Financial Position: When & How to Obtain a Loan
COVID-19 has undoubtedly posed a number of challenges - financial, workforce, supply chain, and more - that have put a strain on the financial health and resilience of many small-to-midsized businesses.

That is why the North Country Chamber of Commerce and SCORE are hosting a Virtual Resource Series, sponsored by NBT Bank N.A., that will highlight local, state, and federal programs that can help you navigate this ever-changing business environment and be equipped with the knowledge, resources, and partners to better overcome these hurdles.

*Note: This virtual resource series is separate from the Chamber's ongoing Virtual Management Training Series. For more information on our Virtual Management Training Series click here.

  • Date: August 20, 2020
  • Time: 1PM
  • Cost: FREE, Registration Required
  • Presenters: Brian Gladwin and Steve Garneau

The first webinar in this series, "Understanding Your Financial Position: When & How to Obtain a Loan," will be held on Thursday, August 20th at 1:00PM. This workshop will feature speakers from NBT Bank, N.A. and the Adirondack Economic Development Corporation (AEDC) who will cover:

  • Why it's necessary to understand your current and future financial position
  • A broad overview of balance sheets, income statements, and cash flow statements
  • When your business may need to pursue a loan
  • Best practices on location, applying for, and securing a loan
  • Different types of loans and financing available 
COVID or not: Winter Carnival is ON!
We are having a carnival,” said Jeff Branch, Saranac Lake Winter Carnival Committee chairman, on Monday.

“We’ll make adjustments,” Branch continued, in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. The ongoing health crisis recently caused the cancellation of First Night Saranac Lake activities, normally held on New Year’s Eve, for the first time in 15 years.

“There’s been a huge amount of interest and a ton of suggestions,” said Branch. “Everything from a drive-by parade to a virtual coronation.”

“We will have it, and I’m sure it’ll be a fabulous carnival,” said Branch. “Just like usual.”
North Country Chamber of Commerce Adds Another Insurance Broker to the Team
Congratulations to Stacey Bushey, our current Executive Assistant, for completing her Brokers’ Training and receiving her Life, Accident- Health and Travel Insurance License. This is not an easy task and we applaud her hard work.

Stacey has a strong background in customer service, sales and administrative work that will help her serve our members and their insurance needs. Stacey enjoys spending time with her children and her Pugs, she is not sure which one she enjoys more! Traveling is one of her passions and she is always looking forward to the next time she can put her toes in the sand or enjoy some spicy food.

So, next time you are at the chamber – make sure to go and say hello! She may be reaching out to you to tell you about our great Vision and Dental programs or to help you find the best way to offer quality benefits to your employees.

But do not hesitate to contact her; she is ready to help and expand our Health Insurance Services!
Our businesses are working hard to provide safe spaces for their customers, guests and our community. Let's keep them moving forward and do our part!

That is why the North Country Chamber of Commerce has teamed up with the Clinton County Health Department to promote mask wearing when visiting area businesses. We know that in order to stay open we all need to do our part.

Check out our Facebook and Instagram pages to see the campaign and hear what business owners are saying.
Get involved: Post your mask selfie using #maskupnorthcountry and #maskupclintoncounty to help promote keeping our businesses open and community safe!
Is High-Functioning Anxiety Really a Thing?
Everyone experiences anxiety in their lives. In fact, some anxiety can be a useful motivator at times. But some people may suffer from anxiety to such an extreme that they are diagnosed with and treated for an anxiety disorder. And, then there are other people who, while appearing to be accomplished and successful from the outside, are suffering extreme levels of anxiety on the inside that impair their quality of life and increase risk of other health issues. The latter group are suffering from what has come to be known as high-functioning anxiety.

  • Forward NY: Official State Website for opening procedures and guidelines.

  • Looking for Supplies: If your business is looking for hard to find protective products, we have created a list of businesses offering hand sanitizer, gloves, wipes, masks and other items.

  • Now Hiring: Whether you are hiring or looking for work, we have a page dedicated to helping pair potential employees with employers.

  • Webinars: Did you miss one of our webinars, you can find them all here.

  • SCORE: Visit Scores Coronavirus page for webinars and useful articles for small businesses.
To help the North Country reopen safely and meet the state and local mandates, The North Country Chamber of Commerce has created a comprehensive list of resources to navigate state and local requirements. Check out the home page for details. There is also a series of webinars available for businesses to help educate and provide answers to common questions.
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