Oak Mountain High School receives New Instruments Thanks to
Your Contributions!
“I have personally been shopping at Guitar Center for years and have always donated to the Foundation, never realizing I would one day apply for a grant, let alone receive one!”

In his 11 years teaching at Oak Mountain High School, media teacher John Milton has come to understand the importance of students learning music. More than that, he understands that students having quality instruments to learn on is often the deciding factor in whether or not a child will stick with their instrument of choice.

“The biggest need that the Guitar Center Music Foundation has met are the instruments for my students. We are so excited about the guitars, and my students were especially excited about receiving a violin, banjo, and mandolin. Those are instruments that many students may not have access to otherwise,” said Milton

Thanks to your generous contributions, the students at Oak Mountain High School will have access to brand new, top-of-the-line instruments - but in an unusual move, these instruments will be made available to ALL students, not just students in the music program. “Students across the school will be able to practice, play, and perform during the school day,” said Milton.

“I have seen music change so many students over the course of their time in school. It helps them develop their confidence and leadership skills as they work with other students to create music together. I also have several students who have realized, through this program, that they want to pursue a career that keeps them in the arts, and specifically, in the music industry.”

We agree that music can be a driving force for success in young students, and thanks to your contributions, we are able to help more and more young musicians start their journeys with quality instruments they otherwise might not have gotten.

“This grant is truly allowing us to do something that we could not otherwise do. Giving so many students access to so many instruments is an invaluable opportunity that they would not have without the Guitar Center Music Foundation.”

Please help us support music programs with your donation. Thank you!