June 4th, 2015
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green-leaf-icon.gif New Way Landscape and Tree Services Donates to IREM's Restart Program!



Over the years, New Way Landscape & Tree Services has donated to the Restart program  from revenue generated through contract maintenance and tree services generated from IREM membership. This year we were able to donate $11,191.84, making our grand total contribution $55,606.38

If you have not heard of Restart, their goals are to train, mentor, and provide possible job placement for students who have battled with personal challenges.

We could not continue to do what we love doing without the support of the IREM memberships. We have a very loyal client base that has come from our involvement in IREM and Restart. Our Restart clients are a tremendously loyal group of managers.

We are glad to be a part of IREM and cannot wait to present them with another donation Next Year!

green-leaf-icon.gif   New Way Landscape and Tree Services named a Top 100 Landscape Company!

New Way Landscape and Tree Services has been ranked 88th by Lawn & Landscape Magazine in their Top 100 Landscape Companies list in North America.  This list is based on the 2014 revenue from landscape profit centers, and is reported by each company listed. We are honored for the recognition and to be among such great companies!



green-leaf-icon.gif NWLTS Annual Charity Golf Tournament will be coming to you next Spring!


We have decided to not have our Annual Charity Golf Tournament this Summer due to it being our busiest time of the year. As many of you know, tournaments take a lot of time and work . We would like to be able to give more of our time to provide you with a great tournament. This is why we believe the Spring time will be a more appropriate time for us to hold ours. Please keep an eye out for a save the date this upcoming Fall!


green-leaf-icon.gif Featured in TCIA Member Newsletter!


New Way Tree Services, Inc. submitted a photo of an Aerial Rescue Training to the  Tree Care Industry Association  and was selected to be featured in their member newsletter. Below is a screenshot of the newsletter. 


New Faces at New Way ! 
John Coronado  is our newest member of the New Way Team. He will be taking on the role of  Field Operations  Manager.   In this role John will be responsible for managi ng our crews, promoting a Safety First Culture, and training employees on the safe use of equipment and trimming/climbing techniques. You may often see John at job sites where he is making sure our team is providing the best service in a safe and efficient manner. 

John began his career in the browse department of the San Diego Zoo. There he was a part of maintaining the 13 acre farm that supplied feed for various animals in the zoo. He began to grow an interest in tree climbing and got himself trained as a certified tree worker and certified arborist. John eventually became the lead for the browse department and ran an 8 person crew. 

John also took his expertise in arboriculture and climbing, and took on a supervisory role in creating and teaching safety programs for climbers and groundsmen. John has an A.A in Business Management and will like to continue his education by getting a B.A in Urban Forestry. John also enjoys the outdoors, camping, big trees, a good read, the beach, and always family time. 


The Drought Is Attracting Bark Beetle!

Due to the drought, we've had to reduce the amount of water used to water plants, grass, and trees which can cause trees to become stressed.These dry trees are now perfect hosts for bark beetle to feed on.

Bark Beetles are small insects that bore into a tree and make tunnels in the tissue under the bark. They lay their eggs within these tunnels, where the larvae feed on the tree tissue, until they mature and start the cycle again.

Bark beetles are attracted to stressed trees because they know the tree is too weak to protect itself. Trees become stressed when their environment is drastically changed , for example, over pruning or under watering.


Bark Beetle are actively searching for a pine species to attack from late spring to early fall.


Pictures of Trees Infected with Bark Beetle :


Pine tree with discoloration of needles. 
Reddish brown bark dust at base of trunk . 



How Can You Tell If Your Pine Tree Has Been Infected?

  • Visible holes in the bark were the beetle have been tunneling. 
  • Bark dust at base of the trunk.
  • Needles of the infested pine will begin to turn yellow or red
What should you do once you know a tree is infected?
  • Call a certified arborist and they will advise you if the tree can be treated or if it will need to be removed.
How to prevent infection?
  • Keep trees healthy by providing a steady supply of soil moisture.
  • Trees should be irrigated every 2-4 weeks.
  • Apply a layer of ground bark, wood chips, or other mulch around trees to conserve moisture. 
Landscaping Tips

POP Of Color: 
If you are looking to spice up your landscape for special events such as weddings and family gatherings, make sure to allow 6-8 weeks for annuals and perennials
to mature from a 4"pot.

Great flower options for this time of the year are heat loving flowers such as ageratum, asters, celosia, gazania, and marigolds.

Pesky Pest Control:
Caterpillars are beginning to appear at this time of the year. We suggest a nontoxic insecticide to keep them under control. 

Tomato Hornworms are hard to differentiate from the plant canopy due to their light green coloring.  When trying to locate these elusive pests, sprinkle the  plant with water and watch for movement as they
 shake the water off themselves. 
The Tomato Hornworm and the damage it does to tomato plants. 

Ants can be a sign that there is a pest lurking in your plants.  If ants are on a plant, it most likely means that they are farming the pest attacking it. Ants will also move the pest to another shrub, so look at all plants in the area. 
Our Work at A Glance: Stone Brewery at Liberty Station

Flowers don't worry about how they're going to bloom. They just open up and turn toward the light and that makes them beautiful. ~Jim Carrey




Alex Llerenas

General Manager

If you have any tree care or landscape needs please contact our customer service department at 858-505-8301 or visit our website to submit a request.