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March 2020
We Are Available
We are an essential business and are open during our normal business hours. 

We also understand that elder law, estate and special needs planning, guardianship, and probate needs still exist during this extraordinary time, in many cases, now more than ever.

To protect our clients and staff, we are available by appointment only. 

Please visit our website or contact Erin Vogt for information on how we can assist you and / or someon e you care about.
What Can You Do to Protect Your Loved One in a Nursing Home During the Pandemic?

Nursing Home residents are are among the most vulnerable to the disease. How to try to ensure that your loved one stays healthy? The first thing you can do is research the nursing home. While you likely made inquiries before your loved one moved in, you may not have gotten into specifics about the facility’s policies for preventing infection. The Centers for Disease Control has a factsheet that covers key questions to ask nursing home officials about their infection prevention policies. Click here for more information.
ABLE accounts are a game-changer for families with special needs, but there has been confusion about how the accounts work. Here are answers to basic questions about what ABLE accounts can and can’t accomplish for the special needs family. Learn more.
Programs for Community Members and Professionals

Programs are on hold during this difficult time. We keep you updated but feel free to contact Erin Vogt with questions, etc.

Melissa Kallio, Attorney
Melissa, who grew up in Marquette Michigan, always wanted a career related to law, and became an attorney to advocate for others and help them achieve their goals. On any given day, she is in court for a guardianship, meeting in the office with a client for estate planning, and visiting a client in a nursing home. She feels the variety keeps her role challenging, exciting, and rewarding as she is able to help people in many different ways. Being is so many places in one day, no wonder the superpower she wishes she had was the ability to fly! Learn more about Melissa
Crowdfunding for Special Needs Individuals: Good, Bad, or "It's Complicated"?

While crowdfunding through such outlets as GoFundMe or Kickstarter can be a quick and effective way of raising money for a person with specials needs, it could also have a negative impact on the beneficiary’s access to government benefit. More information.
This is a form intended for a person who is seriously ill or has a life-limiting illness. It is a signed medical order reflecting a person's wishes that "travels" with the person across settings of care. It must be honored by all healthcare providers.  Learn more
This is a service, from the National Council on Aging, that is designed to help identify benefits that can save money and cover the costs of everyday expenses.  Learn more.
Phone: 312.899.0950  

Appointments are available in Arlington Heights, Chicago, Naperville, Skokie, and Westchester, Illinois, or via video conferencing or telephone .
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