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November 2020
November is National Family Caregivers Month

There are only four kinds of people in the world - those who have been family caregivers, those who are currently family caregivers, those who will be family caregivers and those who will need family caregivers", Rosalyn Carter.

The range of family caregiving is huge. Examples of being a family caregiver include making check-in telephone calls, taking your loved one to the doctor, shopping, scheduling appointments, picking up groceries, medications, caring for a child who has special needs, serving as power of attorney, and much, much more.

Please Contact Erin Vogt, our Client Coordinator who is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Certified Care Manager, to learn how we can assist you and the person you care for and about.
Upcoming Programs Via Webinar or Telephone

  • November 13- "Who Will Take Care of This When I am Gone"
  • November 18 - "Pallative Care: Its About Living"
  • November 19 and December 9 "Planning for An Aging Loved One (or Yourself): a Discussion with an Elder Law Attorney"
  • November 19 and January 14 - "Legal Care When You Love Someone with Special Needs"

We are busy planning for 2021. If you are interested in partnering with us for a program, please contact Erin Vogt.
Estate Planning During Chaotic Times

Estate planning is needed for everyone over age 18, regardless of income and assets.

Because illness and injury can occur anytime documents such as power of attorney for healthcare, power of attorney for property, will, and trusts can assist you protect yourself and ensure your wishes are met. While many people feel they that just download the forms from the internet, it it not that simple. Learn more. Contact us to learn how how we can assist you to ensure your wishes and goals are met and applicable documents are written correctly.
Special Needs Law

Special Needs Law is a specialized area of law that involves representing,counseling, and assisting people with disabilities and the people who love them in connection with a variety of legal issues. There is a primary emphasis on promoting the highest quality of life for the individuals. This area of law addresses the client's perspective from a holistic viewpoint by discussing legal, medical, financial, social, and family issues.
"About one in every five people in the United States has a disability. Some people are born with a disability. Some get sick or have an accident that results in a disability. Some people develop disabilities as they age. Almost all of us will have a disability at some point," CDC

Let First Responders Know You Are There

The Premise Alert, sometimes known as a special needs registry, requires 911 call centers to maintain a database of information about individuals with special needs. It assists police and paramedics when responding to a call at a specific address.
For more information:
For the Suburbs, look at the city website or call the non-emergency police department phone number in the city where you or your loved one lives.
For Chicago, read this flyer

In our ongoing commitment to provide comprehensive, culturally competent and personally tailored legal services, we enrolled in and became certified with SAGECare. This training, offered through SAGE, the country's largest and oldest organization dedicated to LGBT older adults, provided training as well as ongoing resources to our staff.
Medicare Open Enrollment -
Ends December 7, 2020

Medicare's Open Enrollment Period, during which you can freely enroll in or switch plans, runs from October 15 to December 7. Don't let this period slip by without shopping around to see whether your current choices are the best ones for you. 

Learn more at or call 1-800-Medicare (633-4227).
Don't Forget - if you will be calling on behalf of another person, you need to complete and return the form -Authorization to Disclose Personal Health Information
Phone: 312.899.0950  

Appointments are available in Arlington Heights, Chicago, Naperville, Skokie, and Westchester, Illinois, or via video conferencing or telephone.