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December 2019
Give Yourself The Gift of Having a Say in Your Future

No one likes to think about not having the ability to make healthcare or financial decisions due to illness, disability or death. However, it can and does happen. Why not have a say in your own future and plan now rather than waiting for a crisis and having others make critical decisions for you? Estate planning is for everyone over the age 18, not just the wealthy and older adults.
We can assist you with your estate planning matters. Our attorneys work closely with our clients to develop a plan that addresses all planning issues, from the financial to the personal; a plan that is custom, yet flexible, and a plan that is both easy for our clients to understand and for their loved ones to administer.  Learn more.
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Medicare Rates Increase
After small or no increases the past couple of years, Medicare’s Part B premium will rise sharply in 2020. The basic monthly premium will increase $9.10, from $135.50 a month to $144.60.  Read More
Programs for Community Members and Professionals

We are busy planning for 2020. Click here to learn more. If you are interested in hosting a presentation, please contact Erin Vogt .
Family Caregiver Contract

Many people are willing to voluntarily care for a loved one without any promise of compensation. Even so, a growing number of people are entering into caregiver contracts (also called personal service or personal care agreements) with their family members. Having such a contract may help in many ways.   Learn more.

Our attorneys are here to assist you, or someone you care about, plan for today...and tomorrow.  Learn more.
Long-Term Care Premium Deductions
The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has announced the amount taxpayers can deduct from their 2020 income as a result of buying long-term care insurance. Read more.
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Janna Dutton and Kathryn Casey are two of only a few Certified Elder Law Attorneys in Illinois. Learn more
Since October 28, 2019, our address is 65 East Wacker Place, Unit 1200, Chicago, IL 60601. Our attorneys also meet with clients in Arlington Heights, Lisle, Skokie, and Westchester Illinois in addition to video conference or telephone.
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Appointments are available in Arlington Heights, Chicago, Lisle, Skokie, and Westchester, Illinois, or via video conferencing or telephone.
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