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Arlington Heights, Chicago, Lisle, Skokie, Westchester, Illinois 
and via phone and video conferencing. 

Janna Dutton, Kathryn Casey, Helen Mesoloras
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Erin Vogt, LCSW, CMC, Client Care Coordinator
November 2019
We are now located at 65 East Wacker Place, Suite 1200, Chicago, IL 60601.

Meetings with our attorneys are also available via telephone, video conference, and in Arlington Heights, Lisle, Skokie, and Westchester, Illinois.
Estate Planning For All

There are many misconceptions about estate planning, and any one of them can result in costly mistakes. Read more . Click here for more helpful articles.
The Premise Alert program requires 911 call centers to maintain a database of information about individuals with special needs when requested.  It assists police and paramedics when responding to a call at a specific address.

For more information:
For the Suburbs , look at the city website or call the non-emergency police department phone number in the city where you or your loved one lives.
For Chicago,  read flyer
November is National Family Caregiver Month
"T here are only four kinds of people in the world - those who have been family caregivers, those who are currently family caregivers, those who will be family caregivers and those who will need family caregivers", Rosalyn Carter.
All of us at Dutton Casey & Mesoloras thank the family caregivers we are honored to assist. 
Programs for Community Members and Professionals

"Prepare to Care" is being held on November 12 in Park Ridge along with a few other programs 2019. We are busy planning for 2020. Click here to learn more. If you are interested in hosting a presentation, please contact Erin Vogt .
Long-Distance Family Caregiving

If you live an hour or more away from a person who needs care, you are a long-distance caregiver. Read an article written by Erin Vogt, our Client Care Coordinator, who is a licensed clinical social worker and certified care manager.
Medicare Open Enrollment
Medicare's Open Enrollment Period, during which you can freely enroll in or switch plans, runs from October 15 to December 7. Don't let this period slip by without shopping around to see whether your current choices are the best ones for you.   Learn more
Phone: 312.899.0950  

Appointments are available in Arlington Heights, Chicago, Lisle, Skokie, and Westchester, Illinois, or via video conferencing or telephone.
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