Sun. May. 1, 2016


Yay!  Yesterday's "Play with Freedom" webinar was so much FUN and I got sooooo many great comments about it (see my "p.s." for some of them)!  And now the REPLAY is ready for you!

This playalong webinar is a warmup webinar for my virtual summer harp camp "Summer Harp Jam" which starts later THIS WEEK.


1. There's a PDF Handout - make sure you download it from the Webinar Replay Page (though you'll still get everything you need from the video, even without the handout)

2. You'll hear me mention a DEADLINE and a BONUS in the webinar. The deadline for BOTH is MIDNIGHT TONIGHT, Jul. 3rd (yes, I extended it one day because we didn't get the replay out 'til today) and the code is SHJ-EARLY-30 (all caps).  It gets you $30 off the full 6-Week "Summer Harp Jam" and an extra bonus Jam. So go sign up for the full "Summer Harp Jam" now to add a huge FUN FACTOR to your summer!

3. Enjoy!  Link to the Playalong Webinar replay here

p.s. I asked people for their takeaways during the webinar and these are just some of them: 

"Playing spontaneously was so much fun!  And the call-and-response part, where we didn’t know what was coming next!" (Tess)

"Using a right hand note-rhythm with the chord progression is FUN!" (Diane)

"It’s such a fun non-tortuous way to train your ear and play along without a picky teacher making you feel embarrassed!" (I’ll leave this comment anonymous … just in case that picky teacher is reading this)

"I loved the FUN-FACTOR! Even my puppy was singing along!" (Anita)

I hope YOU enjoy the fun-factor in the replay!!!  And I hope I get to spend a whole SUMMER of FUN-FACTOR with you in Summer Harp Jam 2016.  Don't forget the Discount ends TONIGHT - use SHJ-EARLY-30 (all caps) when you register.  -DHC

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