A Path To Chronic Stomach Irritation Relief
 With CranioSacral Therapy

Is your stomach reactive to foods that never used to bother it? Are you frustrated with the chronic pain and irritation? Have you been diagnosed with food allergies, nervous stomach or other digestive issues?
Sometimes such stomach sensitivity may be connected to an area of spinal cord neurons controlling stomach function, which have become hypersensitive and hyperactive. This area of irritated spinal cord neurons is called a Facilitated Segment.

Facilitated Segments are often found in connection with areas of the body that suffer from chronic musculoskeletal or neuromuscular problems, have suffered direct trauma, and spinal cord neuron levels related to internal organ issues.

If not tended to, Facilitated Segment irritation can spill over and interfere with normal function of the spinal cord segment itself and its associated tissue, related nerve roots, the protective membrane of the spinal cord, skin, fluid, connective tissue, muscles, bone, blood vessels, nerves, organs and the autonomic nervous system.
By encouraging a lowering of sensory input to the Facilitated Segment, CranioSacral Therapy helps to break the overactive pattern of the segment and soothe the irritation.  This could help to naturally calm your stomach so you can return to enjoying the foods you love.

Please share this information with your friends, colleagues and loved ones who may benefit from it and encourage them to put their vitality first.

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