Gentle Touch With CST Yields So Much More
When you receive CranioSacral Therapy (CST), you experience a light and gentle healing touch, of about a nickel's worth of pressure.  The goal is for your body to interpret such touch as supportive rather than threatening, and prevent activation of your body's defensive mechanisms, such as guarding tension or pain.  Gentle touch encourages your nervous system's response of rest, relax, restore and let go and allows your body's innate, self-corrective processes to move towards balance from a place of calm.  
Also, by applying light touch, your CST practitioner can actually sense more deeply into your tissue layers, which allows her to receive much more information about the condition of your body than if she were to use firmer touch.  This helps her to better discover and address the cause of a problem and assist your body's natural abilities to heal.
Since CST is so gentle, this healing approach can be used to treat conditions where your tissue may be too sensitive to tolerate stronger or firmer touch or more intrusive or invasive methods of assessment and treatment.
So with CranioSacral Therapy, less yields more in supporting and promoting your optimal whole health. 

Please share this information with your friends, colleagues and loved ones who may benefit from it and encourage them to put their vitality first.  

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