Soothing Sinusitis with CST

Do you suffer from sinusitis?  Did you know that sinusitis may be associated with strain at the joint of two important cranial bones? In fact, imbalances that occur at the joint of your sphenoid and occipital bones may lead to sinusitis, as well as other dysfunctions, both physical and psychological.  This is because tiny tissue strain patterns arising in one area deep in the body can adversely impact larger tissue patterns elsewhere, and visa versa. Such cascading stain can then restrict the proper function of your central nervous system and hence, your body systems and processes.

No one enjoys the inflammation of the tissue lining of the sinuses, or worse, when the sinuses get blocked, infected and painful from such inflammation.  CranioSacral Therapy (CST) can help to discover and address strain patterns at the junction of your sphenoid and occipital bones, which may help to calm your sinusitis.  Also, since CST is so gentle, it makes a great complement for other therapies you may explore to improve the health of your sinus system, such as sinus rinsing, acupuncture and prescribed medications.
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