Tips to Easily Talk About CranioSacral Therapy

Have you ever found yourself wanting to share with others the wonders of your experience with treatment through CranioSacral Therapy but are not quite sure what to say?  The key is to keep it simple.

You can start with a brief description of CranioSacral Therapy:   CST is a gentle, light touch approach that releases tension in your central nervous system so that your entire body can relax and naturally self-correct.  You just lie down and relax on a treatment table, in loose comfortable clothes.

Since every person is unique, his or her experience with CranioSacral Therapy is unique.   So I encourage you tell your personal story--talk about how you FEEL as a result of your treatment and how CST makes a difference for you in your life.  

For instance, you may feel deeply relaxed and can go about your day with greater calm and ease; your may be sleeping more soundly; your mind may be clearer; emotions may have surfaced for your to process around an injury; you may have more mobility in your neck or other area of your body; you may have less jaw stiffness and discomfort; your pain may be reduced or gone; you may notice less tissue tension or stiffness; you may be better able to concentrate on tasks at hand; you may have more natural energy to do what you love; and so forth.

Enjoy chatting about your CranioSacral Therapy journey with your friends, family and colleagues!

Please share this information with your friends, colleagues 
and loved ones who may benefit from it and
encourage them to put their vitality first. 

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