Choosing Peace Over Buzz in 2018

It is easy for any of us to get caught in the tension, intensity and unease that swirls arounds us in these times of uncertainty on our planet.  Yet it is this very moment that affords us the opportunity to harness our will to choose how we really want to live.  It is possible for us to seek, create and cultivate calm, peace and stillness in our day-to-day routines and in managing challenges.  We also can intend to align with people and relationships that support our serenity.  

By gently and gradually helping your central nervous system to function at its best and entrain more with your parasympathetic rest, relax and restore responses instead of flight, flight and vigilance, CranioSacral Therapy helps you to release tension stored deep within the tissues of your body.  This can support your efforts to choose peace over buzz and to allow for greater flow, calm and ease in 2018.

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