A Story Of ALS And CST

You may have heard of ALS, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, also known as Lou Gehrig's Disease.  It is a progressive neurodegenerative disease that affects nerve cells in the brain and the spinal cord.  ALS causes the gradual weakness and atrophy of muscles and loss of control of voluntary muscles.  The nerves controlling speech, swallowing, and limb movements are often affected.  At present, a cure does not exist for ALS.

For some time now, my client, DM, has been coping with the progressive deteriorative changes in his body function from ALS. When DM and I started working together, he drove to my office for his treatment.  Now I visit him at his home.  

This is DM's story on his experience with ALS and how CranioSacral Therapy (CST) has thus far supported him through his processing of the nuances of his condition:

    "CST allows me to tune in with my body--to be more aware of         what is going on in my body--the fasciculations (I call them           my little friends that like to dance and chat during a session);       the excessive saliva gathering in my mouth; sore places from         muscular cramping; the tiredness; and shifts such as more             opening of my chest to breathe.

      CST has helped me to manage and improve my ALS symptoms.       Early on in my treatment, I noticed reduced inflammation.           And when I received work in my mouth on my hard palate, I         found that afterwards I felt like I had more space in my                 mouth for speaking and movement of my tongue.  At this               stage, my gag reflex is too strong to receive such work in my         mouth, so Monica works outside it.  I feel like I have more             room to breathe, swallow and talk at the same time, at a             moment in my progression when each of those activities don't       seem to be able to work together anymore.   My color always         improves in my face.

      When I am having a session, I am able to visualize my old self       moving and going about my business without challenges and         what that feels like for me emotionally and spiritually to be         in that place.

      Before receiving CST, I was experiencing a tug of war within         myself--of wanting to have this condition removed from me or       me removing myself from it--as opposed to acknowledging             the changes I could not control.

      Since CST, I have a more give and take relationship with ALS         and how it expresses itself in my body; there is more space           and acceptance of ALS within me.  I have a more appreciative       and balanced relationship with my body, instead of just take,       take, take.

      I feel more normal with the my progression with ALS instead         of it all feeling like a giant step backwards."


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