Cultivating Clarity in 2020

      Do you want to make changes in your life?  Are you challenged in grasping the vision and choosing the direction that best serves you?  Our high paced, technology driven society can make us think that we are supposed to be busy all the time, along with all the dings and whistles that keep us in constant vigilant mindset.  Such busy chatter forces our minds into overactivity and overthinking that can hinder rather than support clarity.  

     Clarity is a process that requires cultivation with a quiet mind, space and an intention that is open to all the possibilities so that you can perceive what serves your greatest good.   It is from the depths of stillness and quiet that inspiration can flow into your conscious awareness, inform your decision making, and let you see your true path.

     You can encourage clarity by setting aside a reasonable amount of time each day to enhance mental rest, stillness and quiet.  This might include silently sitting in your favorite room and drawing, painting, or enjoying another kind of creative art; 
practicing  breathing techniques, meditation, restorative yoga and other daily practices; receiving wholistic therapies that support core connection and personal growth, such as 
CranioSacral Therapy and SomatoEmotional Release.  You are unique, so nurture  your clarity in a way that works for you.

     So I invite you to cultivate  your clarity in 2020! Give  yourself permission to open to the answers that are waiting to show you the way.  Be  gentle with yourself and honor the imperfection of your process with patience and non-judgment.

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