T ame Tissue Tension With CST

Your amazingly complex central nervous system coordinates every function of your body.  It is through the nervous system that you experience your world--what you hear, feel, smell, see, respond to and remember.  Like a daily journal, your body tissue records all the physical and emotional challenges, injuries and hurts you have experienced throughout your life journey and stores them as tension.  

Such stored-up tension can cascade from one area of the body to another, superficial to deep or deep to superficial, causing adverse strain to your muscles, bones, fascia, organs, veins, membranes, brain structures, cells, nerves, fluid movement, and delicate hormonal and chemical processes. 

CranioSacral Therapy (CST) addresses this tension at the source, your central nervous system.  By gently encouraging tension release in the central nervous system, CST helps your body to naturally self-correct and release strain and dysfunction so that your can body function at its best.

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