To Heal Or Not To Heal.....That Is The Question...

      Sometimes our physical symptoms repeat themselves when we are stuck in emotional patterns that do not serve our health and well-being.   In our effort to release such patterns, we can run into the conflict of "To heal or not to heal....?"  

     It is not uncommon for us to have a side of us that recognizes how unhealthy we feel and desperately wants us to to change.  But there can also be is a side of us that may resist such change.  This side would rather stick to the old situation that we know (even if we feel lousy!) rather than take a different path.  This side may be afraid to give up something without knowing what might take its place or afraid of something else.  Or perhaps this side may be enjoying the perks it gets from the pattern, such as constant attention from medical professionals.  

     We certainly cannot rush the release of a pattern that does not serve our health and we tend to repeat a pattern until we are ready to change.  

     On the other hand, there is great power when we open to the possibilities of healing and how such healing could positively ripple throughout the dimensions of our lives.

     In CranioSacral Therapy and SomatoEmotional Release, we therapeutically facilitate your discovery of the root of the issues in your tissues and work with your relationship with your side that wants to heal and the side that does not.  This may help you to recognize and let go of patterns that do not serve you, so that you can move forward with new insight, awareness and take steps to enhance your precious health and life.   

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