Alzheimer's Prevention With CranioSacral Therapy

So far, research has shown that in Alzheimer's patients, inflammation over time leads to the the build-up of Amyloid plaque, which then plugs up and shrinks the brain.  This in turn disrupts the flow of Cerebrospinal Fluid, which helps to remove toxins from the brain.  The accumulation of Amyloid plaque and related brain shrinkage are what cause the memory loss associated with Alzheimer's Disease.  

Michael Morgan LMT, CST-D, a CranioSacral Therapy instructor of the Upledger Institute International, was involved in a research study which found that patients with mid to late stage dementia, who received regular CranioSacral Therapy experienced improvements in interaction, cognition, verbal and social behavior, and regained some lost memories. 

This is great news for all of us concerned about taking preventative steps to help stave off Alzheimer's Disease, especially those of us with family histories of the disease.  
For more information on this valuable research study, I invite you to view this interesting  TEDx Talk.

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