The Importance of Stillness For Your Best Life

With our high-paced, technology and social media driven world and the daily chatter it generates, we can get distracted from who we truly are and what is really important to us.  

Accessing stillness allows you to  NOTICE  what is going on inside yourself, which helps you to more effectively acknowledge, be and live your authenticity.  The key is to regularly set aside time to enjoy being still in whatever ways serve you the best.

When you are  being still, and quiet, and noticing .......
  • you may listen more closely to your body's physical signals of tension, pain, anxiety, little creaks or something else, so that you are more aware of your body's needs; 
  • you may feel deeply held emotions that surface to be processed on through;
  • you may have a light bulb moment of inspiration and creativity;
  • you may remember concerns that have been set aside for a long time;
  • you may come to a decision about a new path to take;
  • you may delight in the breeze whispering through leaves and other layered voices of nature;
  • you may simply be aware of thoughts produced by your amazingly complex brain;
  • you may simply be aware of........the silence...........

And what do you notice , then?

In CranoSacral Therapy, we hold a space for you grounded in compassion, acceptance, and freedom from agenda and judgment so that you can be exactly who you are, and be with all of you, in the stillness of the moment.

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