Softening Neck Strain with CST

As you may have guessed, poor posture is a major culprit of neck strain and pain.  This is particularly true if you chronically allow your head to sag forward while driving, working on the computer, or watching television.  

Poor posture often  strains the thick tissue behind your upper neck causing tension, stiffness and pain that can travel down to your shoulders and back.  Poor posture also can jam the joint formed by your occipital bone (located at the base of your skull) and your first neck vertebra (known as the "Atlas" or C1).  This leads to further aggravation of an already irritated neck.

CranioSacral Therapy can help to locate and gently release the jamming.  This helps your tissue to soften and restores space and freedom of movement for your neck.  You may find that your neck feels lighter and more relaxed.  You might even feel a little taller from the lengthening and easing of the tissue tension and strain.

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