You, our Y family,
Group fitness class photo
taken in 2019
are our utmost priority. We care about your health, wellness and mental well-being. We care for your children as if they were our own. We coach you through personal training sessions as if you were a superstar. When you lose a family member, we  grieve like they were one of our own. And when you join us at the Y, we welcome you like a long-lost friend.

It is breaking our hearts that we can't provide the support that you've become accustomed to and that  you deserve.

And so we've turned our attention to providing the  support that is possible now.

You may already know about our efforts to create online fitness classes
and reach our members by phone to check-in. But in order for us to understand fully how we can be of most service to the most people, we need to hear from you. 
Y Wellness Trainer Coy and Health & Wellness Director Kim filming a new video

These are highly unusual times. We already know that many of our older adults are isolated at home to avoid exposure to COVID-19 in public places. Yesterday, our Governor announced that she is issuing a "Stay Home, Stay Healthy" order on Monday much like California and many other governments across the country. It will likely mean the closure of everything but essential and emergency services. 

The longer we stay home, avoid public places and keep to ourselves, the greater the chance that we limit individuals' exposure to the coronavirus. That's  our community's goal.

But it also increases anxiety, depression and other mental health issues, as well as the  need for services.

Laura misses you too!
We imagine you might need fresh groceries, prescriptions, a smile and a wave from a friendly Y staffer. Undoubtedly, some of you have to go to work because you are in the medical field and so you need child care. Perhaps you want to connect with other Y members in your neighborhood. Or maybe you'd appreciate a check-in phone call every day.

That said, we won't make assumptions about your needs and try to fulfill an unnecessary one.

At any time over the course of the next several weeks, please e-mail us your needs at . We are recording and compiling all of the responses so that  we can coordinate support among our Y staff, partner organizations and Y volunteers.

Quite frankly, we are worried about you. We want to ensure that you get on the other side of this pandemic with full hearts, good spirits and the knowledge that  you have support and care during any difficult time.