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January 2020

Dear YPIE Coaches,

Happy New Year! I’m excited to start the year knowing that our YPIE Scholars have your support!

January is National Mentoring Month. Thank you so much for the time and energy that you pour into your relationships with our students. Scroll to the end of this email to find out how you can share about your mentoring experience, which might just help us find new Coaches!

As we closed out 2019, we picked out some of our favorite photos of our students throughout the year. See photos here.

Thank you,

Relationship Building Activities: Winter Recess is just around the corner (Feb 17 to Feb 21). Ask your Scholar what they have planned for the week. Check out different cultural events and institutions on page 67 in the YPIE Coach Playbook for ideas on activities for the break. 

Coffee & Brew: January 15th, 9am - 11am, YPIE College Zone, 92 Main Street
All YPIE Coaches welcome; topics to be discussed:
10th Grade - Scholar Personal Growth
11th Grade - Researching Best Fit Colleges
12th Grade - Paying for College and Financial Aid Package Analysis

Summer Opportunities! Continue the conversation about summer opportunities: volunteer work, enrichment opportunities, responsibilities at home. For a growing list of opportunities, please visit ypie.org/summer-opportunities .

Life Hacks: In the spirit of the New Year, discuss any New Year resolutions that your Scholar may have. Use the W.O.O.P. worksheet on page 116 in the YPIE Coach Playbook to organize their resolution and create actionable next steps.

Key Dates
Wed, Jan 15th - Coffee & Brew Session for Coaches

Feb 17th - 21st - Winter Recess School and College Zone Closed

Thur, Feb 20th - Training for New Graduation Coaches (help us spread the word to find coaches)

Early March - Coaches and New Scholars Meet for the first time!

Wed, March 18th - 11th Grade Coaches: College Essay Training

Online Resources
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National Mentoring Month
Share on social media why you volunteer as a YPIE mentor. If it’s helpful, here is a sample post that you can use! Be sure to tag us so that we can share your post out as well. If you have a photo to add to your post, that would be great too!


January is National Mentoring Month and I’m so proud to be a mentor at @YonkersPartnersinEducation. I volunteer as a YPIE Coach because…

YPIE is currently recruiting new mentors, if you’re interested in learning more, visit ypie.org/volunteer


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