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December 2019

Dear YPIE Coaches,

On behalf of the YPIE staff, thank you for the support you are providing the students you work with and the insights you are providing to always make our work better. 

We’re currently recruiting YPIE Graduation Coaches for our newest YPIE Scholars who will be inducted into the program during an exciting ceremony this month. These new 9th grade students will need awesome Graduation Coaches, just like you! We will train new coaches on Thursday, February 20. Please share this volunteer opportunity with your networks or even think about taking on a new student yourself! Prospective volunteers can sign up here!

Finally, I was honored to be recognized this week with NonProfit Westchester’s Individual Changemaker Award for the work I get to do everyday with volunteers from across Westchester County. But really, the honor goes to you and the hundreds of volunteers who are changing students’ lives every day. See photos here.

Thank you,

Relationship Building Activities: We want to hear from you! What are the relationship building activities in the Coach Playbook that have or have not worked for you? What, if any, relationship building activities have you brought to your Coach/Scholar relationship? 

Science Research Mentors: YPIE is looking for science PhDs to mentor students enrolled in the Regeneron Science Research Program. Hear from YPIE Scholars Hazel and Noel, and one of our amazing mentors from Regeneron!  

Coffee & Brew: January 15th, 9am - 11am, YPIE College Zone, 92 Main Street
10th Grade - Personal Growth
11th Grade - Researching Best Fit Colleges
12th Grade - Paying for College and Financial Aid Package Analysis

Summer Opportunities! Begin the conversation about summer opportunities: volunteer work, enrichment opportunities, responsibilities at home. For a growing list of opportunities, please visit ypie.org/summer-opportunities .

Life Hacks: As conversations about summer involvement ramp up, some opportunities may require an interview. Role play with your Scholar in preparation for a summer interview. Consider reviewing materials on page 58 in the YPIE Coach Playbook to guide a mock interview. 

Report Cards & Check-Ins: Report cards for the first marking period will be shared with Coaches within the next two weeks. 

Key Dates
Dec. 9th, 10th, 11th   - YPIE College Zone Closed for 9th Grade New Scholar Orientation

Tue, Dec. 17th - YPIE College Zone Closed for 9th Grade New Scholar Induction

Thur, Dec 19th - Scholar Holiday Party, Last Day of College Zone until 2020

Mon, Jan 6th - YPIE College Zone Reopens

Wed, Jan 15th - Coffee & Brew Session for Coaches

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