Dear Young Physicians of West Virginia,

We are excited to share with you our first issue of the  YPSgram , the Young Physician newsletter written by and for the Young Physicians of West Virginia. (See the first article below this letter.)

The Young Physician Section (YPS) is a standing committee of The West Virginia State Medical Association (WVSMA). Our mission is to serve and represent the young physicians of West Virginia at WVSMA and nationally through the AMA and other organizations. Our vision is to be a major path for future leadership in Medicine at the State and National level, in healthcare legislation and advocacy organizations. Our goal is to increase young physician involvement in leadership and evolve current WVSMA programs to match young physicians' interests. 

The purpose of the YPSgram is to reflect the experiences, lessons-learned, and challenges of young physicians as well as to share news and other material of interest to younger physicians. In addition to YPSgram, w are in the process of developing a YPS education program – an educational program that compliment young physician’s clinical training and contribute to their readiness to start their careers.

We recognize that young physicians participate by choice, not by tradition, so our strategy is to develop programs that are of value and interest to young physician. We recognize that young physicians’ attractions and repulsions are different from seasoned physicians.

Please join us as a YPS member,  YPSgram  contributor or subscriber, and share with us your knowledge and expertise. Let us know how well are doing and share with us your suggestions. If interested, send an email to  . Please share with friends and colleagues.

The YPS team.

On Customer Service and the 'Good' Doctor
A few years ago, I received a letter from my former patient. She was a pleasant 82-year old woman who recovered well following an injury. The intent of the letter was to thank me for my service and tell me about things that I did not know about my office. This patient taught me a precious lesson about customer service in healthcare and invited me to learn about patients’ experience beyond the practice of Medicine...