Dear Readers of the YPSgram,

In this second issue of the YPSgram, we feature Dr. Ray's experience and knowledge with building and working with a team--your own team. Dr. Ray is a Pediatric Plastic Surgeon who joined Hoops Children's Hospital in Huntington, WV in 2015. He also holds the position of Chief of Professional Services in the 5th Medical Brigade in the U.S. Army Reserves in the rank of Colonel. He currently serves on the Leadership Development Committee of the American Society of Plastic Surgery and believes that physicians hold the ability to alter their institutional environment to reduce burnout and inspire co-workers to "change the world" in a positive way.

Besides, whether we admit it or not, 2017 will be over soon, and 2018 will bring with it the 2018 WV State Legislative Session. Physicians, especially young physicians, focus their energy on the problems at hand--our patient in front of us. While we realize that we can only operate as much as we are allowed to and in a manner that conforms with current laws, only a few of us watch out for what is coming before it is already a done deal. Even fewer people work on shaping it in favor of our patients, community, and our best interests. In our next issue, we will feature highlights of our upcoming legislative session and what our colleagues at our WVSMA legislative committee are advocating for to make our State a better place to live and practice medicine.

The YPS team
Five Steps to Building Your Team as a New Physician
Your first day at your first job as a new physician may be the closest to failure you have ever been. Until that day, your performance and evaluation has been on your own personal achievement on exams or on singular one-on-one interactions with other physicians. Now you will be evaluated and PAID based on the value you add to the system. High performance physicians surpass their peers and bring their highest value to an organization when they create and build effective teams. Follow these 5 steps to win big.