This issue focuses on some lifestyle choices - the food we eat, the exercise we get. It pays to be informed. Your body will thank you.

GMO Update
On May 17, 2017 a disappointing  majority of Canadian members of parliament voted against labelling GMO foods. But the government is developing a food policy and we have another chance to make our concerns heard.  Take the survey and speak out for GMO labelling.

Canada is lagging behind  when 64 nations in the world have GMO food labelling and 38 countries - including Russia - have an outright ban on all GMO crops and foods.

Of course, most of us won't buy foods labelled GMO. That's the point. But when companies like Campbell's, NestlĂ© and Hershey are switching to non-GMO ingredients, it is because of consumer demand. We have power through our wallets.  So look for the NON-GMO label or better yet, BUY ORGANIC. Read more about GMOs and their impact. 

Irradiated foods in Canada

Some foods that are allowed to be irradiated are:
  • Potatoes & onions - To inhibit sprouting.        
  • Wheat, flour - To control insect infestation.
  • Spices & dehydrated seasonings - To reduce microbes.
  • Fresh & frozen raw ground beef   - To reduce microbes & pathogens.
Unless they are organic, these foods are treated with ionizing radiation via gamma-radiation, x-rays or electrons at prescribed levels. Health Canada has declared food irradiation safe whereas Center for Food Safety contends that  radiation can do strange things to food with serious questions remaining as to whether irradiated foods are safe to eat. With conflicting information, it is in our best interests to veer on the side of caution.    Read more...

Natural mosquito repellent
  • 1 cup organic apple cider vinegar
  • 1 cup  water
  • 10 drops lavender essential oil
Many people would rather get bitten than use a bug repellent because of concerns about its ingredients. This simple alternative will keep the mosquitos away when outdoors. Decant into a small spray bottle and reapply every hour or so if you plan on being in nature all day.

Discovery Bike Rides -    Link to biking series events

Family-friendly bike rides discovering the trails & communities across York Region.

If you would prefer a more mediative walk in woods , research has shown that being among trees, called forest bathing in Japan, is highly beneficial. Why not give it a try?

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