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YREA Winter   2017 
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GMOs & Neurological Disease
1 50 members of the European Parliament all tested positive for Glyphosate (Roundup) in their urine while 93% of Americans in another study did as well. That would be anyone who eats Roundup Ready corn (among a host of other foods) or the animals that are fed this GMO corn. Besides cancer, GMOs are linked to Alzheimer's, schizophrenia,  ADHD, autism, and bipolar disorder. Glyphosate is a known endocrine disruptor and there is a direct relationship between the increase in the use of Glyphosate and these illnesses
Until we get proper food labelling in Canada, choose organic, non-GMO foods or check this link  to see which foods you normally consume that might be contaminated. 

Palm Oil
Palm oil can be found in a wide range of foods and cosmetics. Its ever-increasing demand has resulted in devastating habitat destruction of endangered species and deforestation in Indonesia, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea and Columbia.

However, since the formation of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) its members, including Canadian companies such as Sobeys, Loblaw, Tim Hortons  & Weston Foods have made commitments to source or transition to 100% sustainably produced palm oil. Click RSPO  to learn more about their members and conservation initiatives. Look for these certification labels when you shop -

C oconut, also a palm, isn't linked to the same deforestation practices, but to be sure, choose brands that are organic, ethical or fair trade.

 Argan, hemp & olive oil make good alternatives.

Parchment Paper
Municipalities encourage us to put cooking grease & small amounts of oil into our green bins rather than washing down the sink. An easy way to handle this, at the same time as maximizing on oven energy, is to use parchment paper lined baking pans to cook fish, meat and veggies in the oven. Then, it is a simple matter of rolling up the paper & popping into the green bin. Saves on water and clean up time as well. After you add seasonings, drizzle with olive oil and massage in with your hands to coat evenly before placing in the oven along with other foods. And you don't always need to use salt.
Try these:-
* Potatoes, rosemary, garlic, paprika & smoked salt
* Carrots, cumin seeds, oregano
* Sweet potato, Chinese 5 spice powder
* Brussels sprouts, Dijon mustard
* Broccoli & cauliflower, mixed herbs
* Hubbard squash or rutabaga, (cut into      fries), red onions, nutmeg, pepper

The most ecological choice is FSC unbleached parchment paper. Might be a bit more expensive, but whenever a couple of extra dollars are spent in this way, it means making a small donation towards a better environment.

EMFs (Electro-Magnetic Fields)
Electro-magnetic fields are all around us and it has become such a health concern that there are many groups such as  Canadians for Safe Technology &  EM Watch  informing the public and advocating for protection measures. However, for our total safety, there needs to be simultaneous technology developed to mitigate adverse EMFs as they are produced. For instance - wifi in schools, electric cars, power lines, cell phones and their towers, home appliances. Yes, schools are going back and hardwiring, but wouldn't it be better if remediation was applied as these technologies are being installed say - right into an electric car as it is built? Heavens, we have used copper to conduct lightning away from buildings for hundreds of years. We need to get up to speed with proven, scientific technology to neutralize harmful EMFs in every application where it exists.


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