YREA spring 2020 news & views
Think of the pollinators this spring
White clover overseeded into an existing lawn will be a real treat for pollinators. Clover nodules fix nitrogen from the air providing 1/3 of the nitrogen needs of your lawn. Grows 4”-8” so blooms under the required lawn cutting height threshold. Additionally, clover does not yellow or go dormant as grass does in the heat & drought of summer. Grows vigorously even in poor subsoil around new home construction. See YREA's organic lawn care for more info. Explore other plants to include as you naturalize your garden for pollintors to enjoy.
Trees cool it, have immense value Bravo, York Region! Very forward thinking. YR has made green infrastructure a ‘must have’ with the forestry department adopting asset management principles to develop a long term sustainability plan. Learn more…

YREA has called for wider boulevards – from the present 9’ to a deeper 12’ to accommodate larger tree planting areas, especially in the new compact townhouse developments where entire properties are paved over for extra parking. Leaving little room for trees, this exacerbates the urban heat island. Deeper boulevards would also solve the problem of vehicle overhangs in the boulevards that presently impede road and sidewalk plowing.
WHITE WASH-by Carey Gillam The story of a weed killer, cancer & the corruption of science. This book will be awarded to a lucky member present at our AGM.
Spring Black Bear Hunt – AGAIN
YREA was 1 of 40 groups jointly urging Ontario to abandon its proposal to reintroduce the spring bear hunt while consulting with, acknowledging and respecting Indigenous and Treaty rights. Proponents of the spring bear hunt allude to a human safety argument which has absolutely no merit. Nor does the economic reason stand up to scrutiny, as the spring hunt would simply move money spent in Ontario from autumn to spring.
Females, including nursing mothers, would be baited and killed during the spring bear hunt leaving orphaned cubs to starve to death or be killed by other predators. This is an ethical issue, opposed by thousands. Will the Ontario government listen?