Four years after Friends of the Earth and its allies asked retailers, growers & policymakers to take action to avoid neonicotinoid pesticides in garden plants, these toxics chemicals are still being found in plants from major retailers.
Sheridan Nurseries can vouch for all the plants they grow to be neonic free but as they also source from hundreds of suppliers in the US, Canada and many countries in Europe, they cannot guarantee the practices of these providers. Whenever you shop for garden plants, take the time to inform the store about your bee harming pesticide concerns. Read more on position of retailers.

Bees and other insects are vital for global food production as they pollinate three-quarters of all crops. The plummeting numbers of pollinators in recent years has been blamed, in part, on the widespread use of these pesticides, said to be 5000 times more toxic than DDT. Although the EU banned the use of neonics on flowering crops that attract bees in 2013, a full ban on all field crops comes into effect in 2018. Neonics will still be used in closed greenhouses, but that is where bee friendly garden perennials are grown! Read more…