YREA summer 2021 news & views
Switch to synthetic oil & green fuel
before starting your road trip this summer
If you aren't aware of the benefits of using synthetic motor oil in your car, consider making the switch for these reasons:
  • Synthetic oil reduces vehicle emissions by decreasing the amount of oil burnt off at 4% to 8%, compared to 20% for regular oil, with less pollution released to the atmosphere.
  • Provides greater engine protection with less sludge, fewer impurities and deposit.
  • Fewer oil changes, so less oil to dispose of.
Can even be used in diesel trucks. Learn more about the many ways to reduction air pollution at home and on the road. Air qualtiy has improved since many of us have been working from home. Let's do what we can to keep it that way.

You can go the distance by also switching to Bullfrog green fuel sourced from repurposed waste streams such as cooking oil from restaurants & injected into the Canadian fuel system on your behalf.
Don't overdo the barbequing this year
Cancer-causing chemicals - heterocyclic amines (HCAs) & polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) are produced when you barbeque. You can be exposed by eating the food & through smoke getting on your skin. Studies have linked the carcinogens to respiratory disease and DNA mutations. Don't overdo the grilling this summer. Look to safer, healthier ways to barbeque outdoors to minimize cancer risks.
Sincere gratitude for your princely support
The Mayor's generous donation has enabled YREA to develop digital programming of our workshops & provide them free of charge to libraries & the community. We are so very grateful. See all the organizations that have benefited from this financial help.
You can contribute to a greener planet. View YREA's easy tips in presentations below to help you make a shift to more sustainable lifestyle choices:

YREA shows how making changes to your gardening practices supports biodiversity.

YREA presents ways to reduce our carbon footprint by becoming sustainable shoppers.

PESTICIDES & GMOs – A REVIEW OF THE SCIENCE..YREA presents food for thought on the impact of pesticides on the environment & on human health with justification for support of organic agriculture & diet.
Your protected places - a shared vision for Ontario
Canada has committed to protecting 25% of our lands by 2025 & 30% by 2030. The Ontario Government also announced its intention of expanding protected areas. A collective effort between environmental organizations has recorded places nominated for permanent protection by people across Ontario. Opportunities identified are for Indigenous protected & conserved areas; wetlands; forests; ecological corridors; FSC candidate protected areas; near urban nature; southern Ontario and the expansion of existing protected areas. A lot of work needs to be done via collaborations with multi-stakeholders including governments, benevolent devleopers, land trusts and other willing partners. Explore the amazing interactive STORY MAP for what could be accomplished. Discover the special places worth protecting that have been nominated near you. 
YREA's submissions to government
Ontario Government - Growing the Greenbelt
Richmond Hill - Revisioning Farming & agriculture for
Ontario Land Tribunal - Oak Ridges Moraine Development
Plants, bugs, trees - all good to know
YREA usually asks that you leave your phones at home when taking a walk on the wild side. But it can add to the fun if you have an app to help you identify nature around you. There are plant ID & bug & tree ID apps that can aid you with your guess work. The plant pictured is Aquilegia canadensis, our native Columbine that grows in woodlands & rocky slopes. Also watch for garlic mustard a horrid invasive species that is taking over our natural spaces, needs to be removed & can be eaten.